Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Go shinobi! I have actually followed a few of you with money choices for many years. I’m also retired & sometimes it’s like a game, CD’s, Savings etc. But in the end it’s making more money & living well. :wink:


Anyone else surprised we haven’t seen much upward momentum in savings account rates since the last fed hike? I have been waiting to jump in at EBSB thinking others would at least match if not beat the 2.5% rate after the last rate hike by the beginning of the new year but it’s looking less and less likely. Kind of disappointing!


With the recent stock “adjustment” banks have less reason to offer you higher rates since so many people will panic, pull all or some of their money out of the market and put it into “safe” products such as savings and cd’s. That’s not to say the rates won’t go up but if so, it’s going to be a slower process. That’s why many locked into 4% products with 4 or 5 year spans when we had the chance.


At a time when there is scant little great news for us savers, we have to seek solace where we can. This is small ball. Again, for emphasis, only small ball here. Still I have been doing this deal for several years and I have no plans to quit now at this even higher rate:

DCU has once again raised the interest rate on the credit union’s “first $1000” offer. Last year the rate was 5%. The APY is now up to 6.17%. Here is a link to the offer:

Link to DCU $1000 offer at new, higher, rate

The new interest rate becomes effective on January 2, 2019.

Q: Shin, are you in?

I was in and I’m remaining in. I do not leave money lying in the street.:wink:

BTW, this is liquid dough so if you ever should have need of funds you can just withdraw your money without penalty, everything except for five bucks.


Have located yet another small money deal on a liquid account:

Premier Members Credit Union (PMCU) is offering 4% APY on the first $2000 invested in their money market account. Here is the offer:

Link to PMCU 4% small money deal

Q: But Shin, PMCU is in Colorado. Can anyone join?

Yes, but it will cost you five bucks. Here is the link to your way in:

Joining PMCU

Notice where it states:

If you do not meet any of the criteria above, you may choose to join through our affiliation with Impact on Education the primary charity for the Boulder Valley School District. Doing so is simple, and no additional action is needed on your part.


How long are these rates good for?


Dunno, Argyll. I’m only a member of DCU so far, and my membership is quite old. Last year they honored the 5% all through the year. I fully anticipate they will do the same for the higher 6.17% rate all through 2019, and I would be really surprised if they did not.

Now let’s see, to become a DCU member Ken says you need to pay $10 to something called “Reach Out for Schools”. I do not know if you join that separately or at time of application to DCU. Suggest you give DCU a call at


and ask them to guide you through the process. DCU is a good credit union. I’m not a member solely for the $1000 special . . . . though of course I’m always happy to take their money.:grinning:

As for PMCU, I am not yet a member. Need to get to this ASAP. There is so much to attend to here at beginning of 2019.


I have no experience yet at PMCU. Can offer this regarding DCU:

I went for their deal several years ago when the max was only $500 and the rate was lower, but still high back at that time. Have been chowing down on their teat ever since. Each year the deal has become better, either with a higher max or a higher interest rate.

But thing is, back when I first bit on the deal I was already a DCU member so, of course, why not take free money! I did not know then it would be an ongoing offering getting better each year. I’m not sure back when it all started I’d have gone in had I not already been a member. But now seeing how this is unfolding I’d say joining up could definitely be worthwhile . . . . I mean . . . . this could continue on for a while. DCU seems to like offering this deal.


So, as an existing member with an existing savings account, you automatically get the new high rate each year on your account without applying?


Yes, Argyll. That is correct. It is automatic.

What I do is to start with $990. Each month of course that amount earns the high interest. Then when my account reaches $1000, or a buck or two more, I ACH money from DCU to Alliant to bring my DCU balance back down to $990. Rinse and repeat.

I usually get my credit score while I’m at it. DCU updates the score every month.


Seems like a lot of trouble to earn about $40 in a year.


I pretty much agree…yeah I can see doing it if you already have an account but not going to go through setup and pay signup “fees” for such small amounts. Additionally I know I may be setting up some accounts toward the end of the month for maturing cd’s and see no reason to have that many possible “new accounts” in such a short time frame.

Again, if you’ve already got an account it makes sense just as a “cover all the bases” but if you don’t it’s not even $40…you have to subtract the $10 to join plus time spent on paperwork, sending drivers license…signing w-9 etc (in general…maybe not all necessary for that bank)


Joining requires a HP. Most people in the know will not do a HP for $40 when they are worth much more in CC bonuses. If, like you, you’re already a member, then yes, this is a no brainer.


@shinobi can you report if you opening with PMCU resulted in a HP? I think this is pretty uncommon but for whatever DCU does it so just wondering about PMCU.


CIT Savings Builder account up to 2.45%


I updated the wiki on your behalf. I’m aware of the discussion upthread. While that wiki exists, I think contributors should be complete and keep it updated. On the other hand, if we all agree the wiki is cumbersome to maintain, perhaps we should replace the wiki with a link to the same table maintained many other places on the Internet.

Re CIT, that’s tempting but they lost me when they invented three account names in the course of one year that was exactly the same account, but require existing customers to move their money to rate chase.


Excellent and intelligent post. But this does not square perfectly with my own experience. There is no question whatsoever that when I apply for a new credit card, which precipitates a hard pull, my score is nicked. And that always sucks.

I have not perceived the same score impact from hard inquiries by financial institutions. Frankly I would have more ChexSystems angst than credit score angst when doing an application with a new financial institution. And mark my words, a ChexSystems hit can be really bad totem. You do not wanna go there.:wink:


Every time I have joined a credit union there has been a hard pull.


Maybe this should be its own thread, but I’d be interested to know who the culprits are. I have recently joined Navy Federal and Andrews Federal with no hard pull … in fact, my credit reports were frozen throughout.


Understood. No dispute. But I’ll bet you got a couple of notches on your record over at ChexSystems. Get too many of those and some financial institutions are loathe even to talk to you.