Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Ken has finally done his write up for the Eagle deal. Now I can find out just exactly what is going on. Gosh it took Ken a long time, but that might be because he had difficulty ferreting out all the weird aspects of the deal. Heading over to Ken’s blog now to read up.

OK, seeing now that $10 monthly maintenance fee which can impact if you do not have $25,000 on deposit. I DO NOT like that fee one bit! Could be a deal killer for many, in my view.


FNBO up to 2.25%. Updated wiki.


Did not see it mentioned before but from the big banks, it’s pretty interesting initial offering I thought: Citi Accelerate Savings 2.36% APY

Not quite 2.5% but they’re obviously trying to close the gap with top online high-yield banks.


It’s actually an excellent deal from Citibank…You can even add checking to it as well (they have excellent free atm coverage through Allpoint and Moneypass…Makes a nice Online Banking package…

Only one drawback, if you live in a state where they have physical branches, you can’t get that rate…I live in New York, so can’t get it :disappointed_relieved:


Good point. It’s available in a fair number of states but not all unfortunately. It seems like it’s the current emerging pattern. PNY has different rates whether they have physical branches in your state or not. Clearly, they’re sweetening the deal in states they’re currently not servicing via regular B&M branches.


Exactly…It’s a bit frustrating to me because i have checking, savings and a citi credit card and would love to be able to add this on to my package, but can’t…
For those “in branch area” customers, they do offer a 6 month CD with a 2.25% rate or 13 month CD with rate of 2.50% but of course, those are not liquid…


On 2/20 I closed my no-penalty CD with AgFed & transferred the funds to EBSB. The funds are showing today 2/22, in EBSB but not available. That bother’s me. I am so used to Alliant CU showing available money the next day. But surely on Monday the funds should be available for movement. (I hope)


Hello, pattyb53

I’m not in the least surprised . . . . . if you moved the funds using ACH initiated at EBSB.

However, if you wired the funds then I AM very surprised.

Your post simply does not contain enough information, and the devil is in the details . . . which you omit. However, if you initiated an ACH at EBSB, to pull from AgFed, those funds could be on hold for a week following arrival at EBSB. I suggest you telephone EBSB to learn where you stand.


Shinobi, I did initiate the ACH at EBSB. Guess I should have wired the funds. But, hopefully the funds show up (as available) Monday. I plan to transfer some of the money to Andrews for that 6mo 3.25% CD.


From their disclosure:

External Transfers
Accounts are considered new for a period of thirty (30) days; during this time period those funds transferred from an external account to your account at East Boston Savings Bank will not be available for withdrawal for nine (9) business days.
After the thirty (30) day new account time period those funds transferred from an external account to your account at East Boston Savings Bank will not be available for withdrawal for three (3) business days.


This is a very good post. Thank you, zzz. So, just as is the case at PurePoint, there is an availability delay when ACH funds are incoming to EBSB when the transfer is initiated at EBSB. Actually, EBSB is one day more favorable than PurePoint, where you must wait four business days. And as pattyb53 herself mentioned, at Alliant the delay is zero days.

Point is availability varies depending upon where you are doing business. Nothing can be taken for granted. The rules vary from one financial institution to another. You cannot assume. You must inquire or, as zzz did, look up the rules wherever it is you want to do business.


Very true zzz & shinobi. Live & learn. Good lesson for me, don’t take anything for granted.


There is significant movement in the liquid accounts marketplace. This is in the realm of no-penalty CDs (NPCD). PurePoint has begun offering a thirteen month NPCD paying 2.6% APY with only a $10,000 minimum (you need $25,000 at Ally to obtain 2.30% APY).

Q: Can the PurePoint CD be liquidated as easily as is the case with the Ally Bank NPCDs?

I dunno. I have never had an NPCD at PurePoint.

Q: Can you provide a link to this deal?


Link to PurePoint NPCD deal

Q: Any strings attached?

None of which I’m aware . . but I have not studied the deal. Detail is available here:

Link to PurePoint NPCD details

Q: Does Ken have the deal? He would mention any problems with it.

Not at this writing. But I expect he will be featuring this NPCD soon.


I would use Alliant CU for ACH transfers if they would allow more than $25K outgoing. This is bothersome because at one time they offered $100K transfers out. Sure you can transfer into Alliant $100K, but no go out. It’s not that I want to transfer large amounts often, but once in a while it would be nice. That’s why I have gone with EBSB + they pay 2.5% savings. (but they have 3 day hold on money). :wink:


Alliant seems to be somewhat of an anomaly with 1 day transfers and no hold as far as availability goes. Most banks I’m dealing with other than Alliant either have 3 day transfer times and/or holds on availability. Purepoint is another very good institution as they credit a transfer instantly and allow it to earn interest thus allowing for double interest while the transfer actually occurs.


Ken still does not have the new PurePoint NPCD (see my post up thread), and the rollout was a teensy bit rocky.

However importantly

The wrinkles have been ironed out by PurePoint and it is now possible to open your PurePoint NPCD straightaway using funds in your PurePoint savings!

This is an amazing interest rate for liquid funds. Remember:

Two things matter with no penalty certificates of deposit:

  1. The interest rate (APY) of course. But also

  2. The lock in period. This is less obvious, but it is the FINANCIAL INSTITUTION that is being locked in, NOT us! So the longer the lock in period the better it is for us as insurance against falling rates. Thirteen months is very sweet.

Anyway bottom line, this PurePoint deal is an absolute no-brainer for our liquid funds and I plan to go in heavy.


Today is Sunday so I dunno how long it will take Ken to post this blowout PurePoint deal. Also, earlier this morning somebody threw slime all over Ken’s forum. That annoying mess alone will take him some time to clean up and might divert his attention away from the PurePoint deal for a short while.

Finally, PurePoint still has not notified me officially, via email, about this new deal. They were having website problems yesterday (Saturday) morning which continued into the day. This might be on account of the rollout of this new (for them) product, or it might be because they were being hammered by applicants for this deal . . . . or both. Yesterday was the first day for their NPCD deal.


It’s obvious this PurePoint deal is right in Ally Bank’s grill . . . as relates to their own NPCD at only 2.3%. I just checked over at Ally. They are still at 2.3% and they likely will be slow to react to what PurePoint has done to them. Nobody is gonna remain there at 2.3% now . . . surely nobody who is a PurePoint customer. Ally will need to compete . . . at least that is what one might think. Nobody knows for certain. But keep an eye on Ally. The no-penalty products at Ally and (now) at PurePoint are quite similar . . . . except that PurePoint’s offering is better.


shinobi, Question…

Why do you think PurePoint 13mo 2.6% NPCD would be better than Andrews 6mo 3.25% CD? I certainly realize that the time frame is evident, but look at the % rate.

I like to work with PurePoint because their entire system is good, except that they keep your money 4 days before you can make a movement. If they would raise their savings % rate I would move over from EBSB.


Apples and oranges, pattyb53. The new PurePoint account, a NPCD, is for liquid funds. The Andrews account, as I understand it, is a true CD, meaning you cannot access your funds without payment of a penalty.

Setting aside the first six days, no-penalty CDs (NPCDs) at either PurePoint or at Ally or at AgFed are truly liquid. I realize the term “CD” is in the name, but do not be fooled by that. The funds (after the first six days) are just as liquid as if they were in a savings or checking account. This is why I am posting about the new PurePoint NPCD here on the liquid accounts thread . . . . instead of on the CD discussion thread. The Andrews six month CD, on the other hand, would be a subject for the CD discussion thread because it is not liquid unless you are willing to pay the penalty.


I have bought my first PurePoint NPCD. It is an easy, smooth, process to make the purchase. You may fund from your PurePoint savings


you may fund from any account on your PurePoint transfer list! Pretty slick.

Just be very careful, in either instance, so that you do not violate Regulation D. :wink:


The Purepoint NPCD is intriguing. It’s only .1% more than Northern Bank, but the guarantee is a lot longer. Who knows what rates will look like in the 13 months?

I was finally able to pull a large chunk of my stranded (due to Reg D) money out of Purepoint today to Alliant. Now some of it will likely be going back to Purepoint to open a couple NPCDs. It’s probably better to fund the CDs from Alliant anyway, so I’m not pushing the 6 transactions at PP again.