Individual Stock Discussions

Individual Stock Discussions


Dude needs to lay off the LSD.


TSLA I’m glad they gave up fairly quickly - it was pretty close to hopeless and would have been a big waste of time and investment banking fees. Compared to them, the white collar defense lawyers against the SEC should be pretty cheap. Will be interesting to see how it trades on Monday, but the market had largely decided the offer wasn’t happening anyway.


Anyone interested in playing around with the weed stocks? I’m thinking of putting in some small amount and let it ride the canadian legalization play. Constellation thinks it’s a good idea…


Pot stocks have been nuts lately… TLRY, CRON, CGC. No position.

TSLA got slapped with a DOJ criminal investigation, down 5-10% now.


TLRY up another 50% in premarket today after jumping 29% yesterday :open_mouth:


And here comes the SEC:


Yeah, they’re looking to ban him from being an officer of a reporting company, among other things. The criminal stuff may come later from the DOJ. Stock is about -15% off recent highs in the after hours. Not short enough…


Elon out as chairman, and must have all tweets previewed by PR now.


TSLA “Settlement secured”

Surprised but I guess happy he took their deal. He’s still CEO, but will give up chairman and have some extra independent board members, plus pay some fines that are small money to him. It was a good deal and he should have taken it the first time. It’ll be interesting Monday morning for sure.

The $40 million in penalties will be distributed to harmed investors under a court-approved process," the SEC said in a press release.

I guess if you were dumb enough to buy after his tweet and later sell and lose money, maybe TSLA and Musk’s joint fines will bail you out in part. I suspect most short sellers were not actually harmed in the long term, as I was not, since if you held on the stock when back down and then some.


Q1-Q3 benchmarks, total return YTD:

QQQ +20% tech stocks
IWM +12% smallcaps
SPY +11% large caps
JNK +2% junk bonds
BND -2% bonds
GLD -9% gold
BTC -51% bitcoin

Surprising to see gold doing so poorly, but I guess it was a strong quarter for equities so who’s afraid and needs gold? Pot stocks are where it’s at these days, so sell your bitcoin and buy some Tilray - those fads won’t chase themselves.

Pretty good quarter here, although my Tesla short is giving back some gains this am as Musk’s lawyers must have beat some sense into him and he took the SEC’s deal over the weekend after originally rejecting it last week. Hope you guys are doing well also.


On track with 3 months to go to have my worse relative performance to the market in the past decade. Last time my relative performance was this bad was the 2 quarters before the market tanked in 2007.

At least on the bright side, the few stocks I own and have been buying are paying higher yields. So are my treasury holdings. Could be worse…


You’re not alone if it helps. Although in my case I haven’t really had a decade to compare with.


Doesn’t bug me one bit my relative under performance. I under performed at the tail end of the of the market run up till 2001/2002 and again about 6 months before 2007 downturn. This time it’s been longer and larger… Maybe I’m wrong this time… They always say you can’t time the market.


Bought back 30 shares @ 261.25 today.



I wonder if this is the inflection point for the market if we look back a year or two from now.


Volatility definitely seems like it’s on the rise. Market is leaning down on no news vs up on no news.

Waiting on earnings.


Lol F. Good day but yesterday was new multi-year low before close…


AAPL $190 or $250 after ER?


Tough time in the markets. Hope no one was in PCG (PG&E, CA wildfires) or GE with their various troubles.

Not a bad time to take stock of your holdings and ask “am I really sure I want to be long this?”.


Looks like 190!