New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


Hi all. I’m pattyb53. I’ve been around FW for many years & hope this site works as well.


This is not my FWF handle, but new forum, new beginnings. Would have chosen “bubbleking” but leaving that available in case the real bubbleking wants to drop his new album here (you get a copy with the purchase of any 'Vic).

EDIT: FW Member since 2002.


Glad the community is alive here!! Was on FW > 15 years. Looking forward to productive discussions here!


FW member since 12/16/2003 as a freshman in college. Despite infrequent postings, I spent so much time in FWF and it changed my life. Ironically, the FW shutdown has kind of driven me to want to post and contribute back to the community that has give me so much.

I am concerned by the competition between this site and PhWF and do not want to see both places fail from being divided. I hope some agreement can be made to combine the two sites.

Also, any thoughts on trying to ask the community to come up with a new name? Sorry but fragiledeal is just strange; it doesn’t really have the same encompassing idea for both deals and finance like FW did… and what’s up with “fragiledealS” ??


isobro here. Been around since 2003. Was heavy posting back in the day, but more of a lurker now. Was in on the dollar coins, AOR. Nintendo Game Cube / Zelda with Nintendo Power was the best. Glad to see this community continue.


Long time lurker at fw, first time poster here. Interests are software, travel hacking, poker, and other legal deviant hobbies.


Same old me. Officially on FW since 2002, I think I found FW through other Hot Deal type forums.

I’m a science and engineering geek, also fairly educated on macro economic and cultural matter.


I use the same username on FW. My specialties on FWF are in tax and retirement planning, as well as Obamacare maximization, but I dabble in a lot of different stuff. Been on FW since 2005 and lurked for a while before.


i had/have same username at FW. long time lurker though, mainly interested( just starting) in investment,real estate and tax planning. will try my best to be active participant now.


Hi, like many here, I migrated from FW. Not a huge contributor to FWF, but I did lurk and respond from time to time. Most of the FWF posts that I saw were the ones Beloited to FWOT.

FW Member Stats
Member Since: 11/06/2003
Ave. Posts/Day: 0.94
Lifetime Posts: 4,779
Stinkin badges 61 (including WDNNSB)
Lifetime Cash Back $199.03


Looks like this place is really picking up this week, glad to see it!
FW member for 17 years and looking forward to keeping the flame alive here.
Based in Atlanta
Lifetime FW posts: 5,436
Lifetime cash back: $433.01
Known for: running the Official Redbox thread and helping with the Star Wars forum


Haven’t been on FW in forever. I got banned for trolling the mods like 3 years ago berating them for turning the site to shit. Never took the time to make a new account. I just completed my 9th AOR and thought I’d check up on the site only to find, not surprisingly, it’s shutting down. I never liked most of the OT crowd I thought they were a bunch of people who needed to go actually do something with themselves. HD was worthwhile, and FWF was life altering. Id like to take a minute to toast SIS. I took $32k in combined first AOR and personal savings to roll into the market, continuing through 2009. I bought the shit out of BofA and Citibank when they were priced around the same as a McD’s order of fries. The result paid off my wife’s student loans, gave a 40k downpayment for our house, and left almost 180k in initial retirement investments. Now with almost 860k in combined line of credit, it’s almost more than I have time to keep track of. SIS contribution to FWF had a tremendous impact on my personal finances. Thank you.


Welcome to the crew @mulox. Looking forward to your contributions.


Deetz here. Was on FW since I needed to find deals for parts on my first computer I built in 2003. Been MIA for a bit happy to see something new start up.

Live in the NYC area and looking to get into real estate (though I’ve been looking at doing that for the last 4 years).


waves madly I’ve been a member of FW since 06, lurking more than posting. I’m very glad to be here. Thanks for putting this together and keeping us going!


Hi, Ancient FW member christmas here, now with upper case (“Christmas”), my favorite day of the year. My expertise is in gems, jewelry, precious metals, gardening and legal matters.


Been on FW since 2002. Changed nick due to mortgage/zoning issues. Forced self in hibernation mode (but still lurking) until SOL is over.


I just had to grab lisas because why not. Member on FWF since 2004, and newest (at least as of now) member here. Ok, back to lurking.


Member Since: 12/14/2001
Ave. Posts/Day: 0.2
Lifetime Posts: 1,180


Hi. Been a FWF member since 2007. Started with 0% arbitrage game. Sure miss those CD rates back then! Engineer by trade. Real estate investor by passion. It’s good to see a lot of familiar faces. Many thanks to SIS and Dave for being proactive getting this new forum up and running