New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


Johnadamthegreat :stuck_out_tongue: I was on moderation for the longest period in fatwallet history :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone, FW member since November 2003! Glad to have a new home.


What’s Up?!, Marty here, Lurker at FW, I bit on some deals but never joined. Glad to see this set up.


Refugee from fatwallet (like most of you). Can be found at and some other bloggy sites under this name. Open CC about 3 times a year for the bonuses (and usually 0% purchase) when it’s time to pay for annual insurances. Blog under a different persona/identity for MS.


Hello everyone, FW member since 2010. Mostly a lurker with occasional posting.
Glad to be here!! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, another FW woman here- not that active on the previous boards but hoping to add some value here as I just got the last kid off to college and am taking a breather from the madness.


Hey friends. Lurked FWF since 2001, finally joined in 2005. Decided to go with a new username here since, well, just because.


It’s like a school reunion!

I was a member with FWF since 2000 when I found some free time at my first engineering job out of college. I found FW through the Anantech hot deals forums, and used FWF to learn about investing. I feel like I’ve grown with the group…AOR, bonuses, mint coins, MS. A new year a new hustle. I think that’s why this group has stuck together throughout the years, because we are all addicted to hustling for dollars.


Fatwallet: lifescool111
Fragiledeal: lifescool


Hi, All! Old FW member here. Pretty active in HD, mostly lurked in FWF. Never considered myself smart enough or organized enough to really participate, let alone contribute. I have the utmost admiration and awe for you masters of MS.

I have recently accumulated a lot of consumer debt through medical issues and bad choices, but I make decent money and want to learn how to do better. Especially hard with a wife who is not as motivated as I am. haha :expressionless:

Nice to see some familiar names. Don’t anticipate ever being more than a noob, but for some reason I enjoy seeing other people’s successes. :slight_smile:


Hi All;

Keeping my name from the old board. Venturescout. I occasionally find a nice deal I post. Mostly interested in Finance posts. Sometimes I can find great details to post and do so. Hope to make a positive contribution to the forum.

A factoid for all: If you are a veteran and get ALS (Lou Gerhing disease) it is covered as a consequence of service. You are entitled to VA care for it and your spouse should receive a medical based pension as a result if you ultimately pass from it. It was not a covered illness in the past.


Hey everyone,

I was never involved in FWF, but recently heard about your terrible shutdown through a travel hacking group that I’m a part of. I very frequently teach friends about credit cards, read many popular travel/credit card blogs, and browse /r/personalfinance and /r/churning often. Looking forward to contributing, specifically in the Individual Stocks thread!


Hello all, I’m DarthEnol, another FWF member. My handle on there was…wait for it…DarthEnol. I’m even using the same avatar.

I’m pretty much interested in all categories.

I’d like to thank the folks that started - so far, so good!



Welcome aboard!!


Joined for the hot deals, stayed for the finance, left when the portal died. Rip fwf


Hi guys, I was a long time member at FWF (thrilla). Posted rather infrequently in spurts. I remembered some of the good old days of getting Amex MR for buying traveler’s checks and funding Citi accounts with credit cards.

Recently haven’t been doing much MS in the traditional sense.

Right now I’m, using my 0% BT funds in my investment strategy and recently got into mining/buying cryptocurrency.


UTJMAC from FWF, been on there since the early days, but not as active as I once was. I’m happy to see SIS and friends are recreating a place for the FW community to land and reconvene. I hope to contribute some deals along the way…good luck to the future of fragiledeal!


Coming in from FW. Choosing a different username here, since my old old old one there was my actual name.

Best wishes to everyone.


Hello my name is Frank. I mostly lurked but occasionally posted at FWF in order to gain some financial insight. Ive learned alot from these forums over the years and hope to continue to learn and eventually someday be financially independent. :slight_smile:


FW member since 2004 but lurker since 2002. I started in Hot deals and enjoyed my share of the free after rebate goodies. I later hang out and stayed in Finance. I am looking forward to seeing great things from this forum.