Obamacare - practical discussion

Obamacare - practical discussion


Thats not just unions…

““Nearly a fourth of employers were likely to get tagged by the tax in its first year,”

Big companies and the healthcare industry lobby against it too.

I’m pretty sure my companies plans would have hit the tax. No unions here.


For anyone in TN, I read some good things about the various non-ACA offerings from these guys. PPOs and Major Medical coverage, pre-existing excluded, for very reasonable costs.



I’m not necessarily opposed to a decoupling of health insurance from employers IF the money the companies was contributing is given as a raise to employees. Yes, employees would now pay tax on that income rather than pre-tax contributions to their plans, but I doubt very much that most employers would compensate their employees in full for their savings from the employer portion of plan contributions. It likely wouldn’t trickle down to employees in the form of a raise.

  1. In the process of decoupling it, the gov’t would have to allow people to take a deduction for their health insurance premiums or the electorate would never go for it.
  2. It may not happen overnight, but there is a thing call competition, and over the long term, people would stop working for the companies that don’t compensate well and start working for the ones that do. Without some sort of industry by industry collusion to pay below market wages (it doesn’t happen now so there is no reason to think it would happen then), employers would be forced to pay what they were paying before plus whatever they are saving on not buying insurance for that employee.