Offering discounts on airline tickets (7.5% off most published fares)

Offering discounts on airline tickets (7.5% off most published fares)


I am offering 7.5% discount on most published air fares. Please PM if interested. Send me the exact flights you want a quote on. Link to Google flights preferred, but other formats or screenshots also ok. I will check and get back to you. Feel free to include an email or a phone number if that’s how you prefer to be reached instead of PM.

Quotes I provide are only estimates and are not binding. I do not hold any seats reserved. The space may be gone or the price may go up by the time you are ready to book, but of course I would checking with you first before booking at a higher price if that happens.

The bookings are travel agency restricted, meaning you cannot call up the airline directly for changes. Non-refundable fares may be cancelled during the first 24 hours via the agency I’m using, but they will charge me extra $25 per passenger and I will get very annoyed with you (I understand that things happen, but please do not use my service when you think there is a high likelihood of this).

After 24 hours, standard fare rules apply, which usually means they’ll charge you the difference in fares if any, airline change fee (which depends on the airline and is different for domestic vs. intl travel), plus $25 per ticket on top of that. You may be able to cancel directly with some airlines after 24 hours, which will usually result in non-transferable credit with the airline good for 12 months minus whatever fee they charge. This will save me time and will save you $25. It depends on the airline though - if you can’t cancel directly, I’ll have to do that through the agency, just as I would for changes, and pay $25 extra per ticket plus whatever the airline’s cancellation fee is.

Other than this little annoyance, these are regular revenue tickets, not award flights. You do not need to worry about the airline cancelling them. You will earn miles and be eligible for upgrades based on fare rules for that travel class. Sometimes I may be able to book basic economy fares (which have restrictions on luggage, advance seat assignment, etc), but I would never do that without checking if that’s what you specifically want.

Usually I do not have access to consolidator fares or group fares. If you have a very large group, I may refer you to a real travel agent. I just play one on the Internet when I feel like it. I do not book travel for unaccompanied minors (under 18), regardless of what the airline rules say. I also prefer to book at least three days before travel.


While I have no immediate need and not sure if you “know” me or not - thanks for being kind to the community!


+1 recommendation for Eugene’s offer. Good dude.


From FWF, how does the discount applies? I’m in the process of booking


Pretty sure you give him the itinerary via PM , he books it for you , and you pay him . He is a trustworthy member and I have had nothing but good experiences with Eugene


Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:


Thanks. Please let me know if any good deals on Hawaii.


Do you do groups? I have a group of 30+ people flying to NYC for singing at Carnegie. Need round trip from Orlando. Departing April 6th and returning April 10th. This is a chorus group from a small town highschool. I am trying to find the cheapest way to get them up there. :slight_smile:


I updated the OP to include some details.
I do not have access to group fares, consolidator fares and the like.
Please send me the exact flight you want (or some options) and I will price it for you.


Thanks, SIS!

What the world has come to, some newb giving me his endorsement… :slight_smile: Thanks!

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  • vouching for Eugene as well. Now is the time to book for holiday travel!


Can you get discounts on Carnival Cruises too?


Cool offer, thank you!

Question: Would the flights you book be restricted from earning miles or not be upgrade eligible for those with frequent flyer status for any reason?


No, these are regular revenue tickets, not awards. They will earn miles and be eligible for upgrades, depending on class of course. Sometimes I am able to book basic economy fares (which have other limitations, e.g. no checked luggage, no advance seat assignments, etc), but I would never do that unless specifically asked to.

As far as cruises, hotels and other travel, like I said, I am only looking for a couple of high spenders in those categories, preferably people I’ve dealt with previously or who were vouched for by someone I’ve dealt with.


Very nice of you to offer this.


Great deal, but so you don’t get PMs from lurkers that you don’t want, what do you consider ‘know from FatWallet’?
Someone you’ve interacted with or someone who simply also existed on the legacy forum?

I’ve been on FW for a while, don’t heavily participate in FWF but do lurk and sometimes ask stupid questions in the flame free thread (which has been great). I’ve been there long enough to remember when the Travel Discussions forum actually had some decent deals (especially Vegas hotel deals). But like the rest of us, now being scattered to the wind.


Sounds great!


I just booked with Eugene for my family’s travel overseas next year and I could not thank him enough.
His post could not have come at a better time as I was already looking to book.
A few days late and I would have missed this opportunity.

Thanks Eugene!


This is fantastic. Not sure if I ever saw a thread like this at FWF but stuff like this keeps me coming back.


This is awesome. Thanks Eugene for offering this to fwf buddies.
I have been FWF member since 2011, w similar name over there (cknutrine6954)