Sacramento Bee Loyalty Club (aka BeeBuzzPoints)

Sacramento Bee Loyalty Club (aka BeeBuzzPoints)


Sacramento Bee Reader Rewards Club (aka BeeBuzzPoints)

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9/26 Daily Videos

DV1 = Colusa
DV2 = Garrett Temple


Good job kateivan! I’m trying to figure out how to start a new post.


Hi, @AuntLinda! I think users would just keep hitting “reply” in the thread I created. Or are you wanting to create your own thread within the “Contests and Sweepstakes” forum?


No, just wondering how users would add their comments and updates. I think you’re right, just hitting reply will do it. This will be fun to play around and see if this will be the solution for our group. Great work!


Thanks for the nice feedback and for checking out FD. Editing seems like it should be easy, I’ll try it with this post.

[Edit] Here’s my quote for the day:

“A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.” --Joe Vitale


This is SactownLang, I’m signed up here now too…


SactownLang, anxious to hear your opinion of this site. So far it looks good to me!


Welcome, @SactownLang! I’m also eager to hear your thoughts.


So far so good. Like anything new it will take some playing around here to familiarize with what looks like our new home. Great job in finding this new site too. I wish we had Zfosterb here to provide his/hers input and/or maybe a recommendation. But for now let’s see what this site can do for us…


Good job setting this up. Seems to me it might be hard to keep track of things with no “pages”

link test


Sacr3dzMingee, I agree the lack of pages could be an issue. I checked out some other topics that have been around awhile so they have multiple posts. There’s a little blue scroll bar to the right of the page that is easy to grab and move to the bottom. That might be the solution but it will take numerous posts to see.


I posted a question in the feedback area as to whether pagination (rather than infinite scroll) could be an option.

But I’m afraid that the answer lies here:


Just testing this out. Hello to all.


Thank you! So glad this is up & going. When is FW last day/post?


For those of you who would like to keep their profile pic/symbol from the FatWallet site you can go into the FW profile and copy here you can copy it to your home page, then upload it here. This is how it worked for me…


TooOldTooSlow here…testing guess the reply button is the source for adding a new posting?
copied from another site for 9/27

Blockbusters: A Bad Moms Christmas
Book Worm: Grendel
Country Trivia: When Someone Stops Loving You
Classic Rock Challenge: What A Fool Believes
Music Challenge:
Music Pop Quiz:
Get your game on: Lucky Chloe
Healthy Knowledge: Hematocrit
Sports: Bubba Watson
TV Trivia: Bloodline
Ultimate Tailgate Trivia:
Word Play: Two


Welcome, @VickiB, @pconway1149, and @TooOldTooSlow.

If I find an official date for the demise of FW, I’ll be sure to post it here.

What do you think of Fragile Deal as a potential replacement for FW? (For BBP as well as any of the other areas you may have frequented on the other site.) If you think it would work, how could we go about encouraging other members of our FW group to migrate here?

#19 ~~~ Awesome Woman Videos (enter — and submit) ~~~ Country Music Videos (enter — and submit)

Daily Facebook: Seven-Layer Dip
Daily Twitter: Hot Dogs

DV1: Caltrans
DV2: Oroville Dam spillway


Looks good to me! I have never used FW for anything other than BBP. I am vaguely aware of the offerings, but not something I ever used. In my opinion, this allows one to post the same things that were posted on our page in FW, so I am all for it. Good to see people out there looking for alternatives.