Sacramento Bee Loyalty Club (aka BeeBuzzPoints)

Sacramento Bee Loyalty Club (aka BeeBuzzPoints)


Just joined the site


Hi everyone, I don’t know much (if anything) about these sweepstakes and contesting, but we’re happy to have you here. Please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message if you need any help.



@kateivan, I think if you leave a message on FatWallet and on the Facebook page, people will start to migrate over. Thank you for doing this. Great job!


Thank you and happy to be here. I’m very impressed with your site.


It looks like I made it here too! Thank you!

I am glad you found a great place.:slight_smile:


Looks like I made it over. Thanks to all who helped create this spot!


Testing 1 2 3 !!! Checking in …keep it going after FW closes !!


Just signed up very easy process


Was Frank on FW…now pumbug


Just testing. I guess I made the migration over here. A special thanks to kateivan and AuntLinda for their hard work and help to make this a smooth transition for all of us. It was scary but thanks to them and many others we made it, I hope.


Welcome, @pumbug, @JJM432, @macysshopper, @acromobrien, @GrandmaLaura, @Shellypie, and @JJM432! (Hope I didn’t miss any other new members.)

On the FW site, taurus said that she had signed up here (waves) and asked about adding her big weekly list (which seems to be permitted under Fragile Deal’s Community Guidelines as well as the FD Terms of Service). That made me wonder about placement of her list. What would you all prefer – for her weekly list to be among the other posts, or have her big list be in the original post (which is a “wiki” that can be edited by any FD user, including taurus)? Having it at the top of the whole thread seems like it would be quicker to find (rather than scrolling through all the other posts). But I don’t know whether members would get a notification when the first “wiki” post is edited, or if users only get notified as new replies are added. I’ll change something in the first post so you all could see whether that generates a notification or not. You may wish to check or adjust your notification settings (which can be changed at the bottom of a thread in the area below the “bookmark,” “share,” “flag,” and “reply” buttons (mine says “watching” which may be the default). See Notifications - Subscribing to Topics - Mobile App from the Site News, Information, and Feedback category which has some info about notifications generally as well as info about the mobile app with regard to mobile notifications).


September Easy Pay Bonus (50,000) -

Just my opinion @kateivan, but I think having Taurus’ master list placed in order like every other post would be easier to use. It would be similar to the way we do it today on FatWallet: scroll to the bottom of the list, then scroll up as needed to find her post. To place it at the top of the list would require scrolling to the end of the list to find other contributors’ posts and scrolling up to the top of the list to find the master list…lots of scrolling. Again, just the way my brain works and the way I use the page, so others may feel differently and I’ll just be happy to have the master list wherever it appears. :slight_smile:


20K Bee Buzz (I think)


Thanks for the Easy Pay Bonus info, @AuntLinda, and for feedback re placement of Taurus’ master list (you make a great point about trying to keep the scrolling to a minimum). ~~~ Awesome Woman Videos (enter — and submit) ~~~ Country Music Videos (enter — and submit)

DV1 = Rattlesnake
DV2 = Pistachio

Daily Facebook: Spicy Sausage
Daily Twitter: Hamburgers


Agree with AuntLinda. I usually do my beebuzz late @ night and just scroll thru the latest posts and back to the masterlist from Taurus. This one logs you in at the most recent, making it easy to just scroll back up tthru all the posts. Because of my late night beebuzz I don’t post much because usually all the answers are there, if not then I’ll post the missing answer…Good Luck


hi everyone

just signed up
tried the september bonuses and when I clicked on link it took me to sacbee buzzpoints great for someone like me who needs all the help I can get on a computer.
but than I had to sign in to buzzpoints account again from link and than back out. than back into this page only to have to do theses steps over each time I click on a link.

is there a shorter/better way?


just tried
kateivans video links [thanks for posting] BUT since I had already done all others theses links would not work
tomarrow I will look here for links first or could you please put on fatwallet untill it shuts down I am sure there are others who haven’t made it over here yet

thanks to ALL of you


Interesting experience today. After I shared the above 20K link above, when going back into the beebuzz page to enter codes, every link I clicked on took me to the “Wiki Honesty Page”. I would click on Twitter, get the honesty page, click on FB, get the honesty page, clicked on R&W links, get the honesty page. Clicked on any trivia link…get the honesty page. I was able to complete R&W thru the mobile site, however, no 50K video points for me today! Dang! I also noticed in the past 2 weeks, I have received at least 5 “cookies” from BeeBuzz per day minimum. Prior to that, I would only see 1 per day. I even logged out and logged back in again. I will try again later in the day. Sure missing our CABill. Making me wonder here…


Welcome, @dynamitegrandmother! I’ll try to help. Try this: go to your Fragile Deal notifications list (click the “D” in the circle near the top right-hand side of the page). Right-click the gear symbol just below the “D” and select “open in new tab” to open your “preferences”. Go to the new tab and click on “Interface”, check the box marked “Open all external links in a new tab”, and click “Save changes.” Then close that tab and you should see this Fragile Deal page, which you might need to refresh in order for the change to “preferences” to be applied. That way any links you click on Fragile Deal automatically should open a new tab, leaving your Fragile Deal session undisturbed. You may also need to check the “remember me” box next time you log on to the Sacbee Buzzpoints page so you aren’t asked to log in each time (unless you are using computer that is also used by other people, then you should leave that box unchecked). And all of this is assuming that you are using a current version of a browser like Firefox or Chrome that uses tabs.


@dynamitegrandmother, great point about the Awesome Women and Country Music video links. Both of these need to be done before you have completed all the other answers, otherwise they won’t work. And yes, I’ll post both links to the FW site momentarily.