Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions

Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions


I charged Discover pretty heavily during my double bonus year. The main thing I would avoid is charging more than your credit limit during a statement cycle. That isn’t the only red flag, but it seems to be the most common across all card issuers that eventually gets their attention. Just for data point, I got almost 4k reward bonus.


Thank you so much, loper, for helping me. I really appreciate it. Your data point is absolutely invaluable.

I also agree strongly with your take, and your opinion, about credit limit cycling. I stopped completely doing that last fall, and I have no regrets or second thoughts. It is better, I think, to add credit cards and use those new lines than it is to recycle credit on existing cards.

“Pigs go to slaughter.”


Before reading here that recycling the credit line within a statement period might be a bad thing, my Player Two was doing that quite regularly for several months last fall with the Discover Miles card. Nothing has been said, and points were awarded as usual. We try not to do that any more, though.


Ditto here, StatGren. I was doing it last fall and all was OK. However, I no longer cycle my line because like you I have come to believe it is imprudent . . . . even in the absence of AA.

I do charge my cards right up to the limit though, each month, and then pay off one time just before statement is cut. I’m not certain either that practice is smart. Am hoping for the best.


Discover is the only card I have that asks if I want cash back when I make a purchase. It’s like using a debit ATM card. At first, I thought this would be treated as a cash advance so I declined. I recently had the guts to try it and it just adds the amount of cash I received to the total. So now I really don’t have a reason to visit an ATM anymore. So, if I spend $5 at a supermarket and get $20 cash, is Discover going to give me 5% cashback on $25?


Discover calls this “Cash Over” since they call some of their rewards “Cash Back.”

Discover does not award ANY “Cash Back” on your “Cash Over” amount.


Interesting. I remember Discover doing this 15-20 years ago but thought it had stopped for some reason.


They stopped paying rewards on the cash over amount.


Back in 2015 4th quarter, Discover offered a 10% cashback promo for ApplePay, up to $10k. I went all-in on 2 Discover-It cards (one for me and wife). They flagged about 40% of our gift card purchases as not qualifying purchases (without verified receipts that I didn’t give for obvious reasons). I heard was not terribly uncommon during that time for gift card purchases to be flagged, even when varying amounts by throwing in a candybar.

We received our double cashback rewards on qualifying purchases as planned and I had written off the rewards for the flagged purchases. To my surprise, wife and I both received additional checks about a year later for the full remaining amount. After internal review, Discover had decided to pay it out. Total payout was $4k, minus my costs of gift card purchases and liquidation.

Long story short, I wouldn’t expect any issues with Discover paying out your double cash benefits so long as you don’t do anything foolish or unlucky enough to prompt a shutdown before then.


Thank you for your help, Corndogg. I very much appreciate your input!


HSBC update

I originally applied for HSBC’s cash rewards Mastercard because I needed Mastercard credit. I did not like HSBC but my opinion has evolved. Now I’m just sort of neutral on them.

HSBC has paid me rewards as agreed. I’ve collected more than $800 in rewards over the last seven months. This on a minimal credit line of roughly six grand. So I’m in no position to blast HSBC and I will not do so. Here are the negatives I have encountered:

HSBC is slow as molasses in everything they do, performing FAR below industry standard. If you pay them via ACH do not expect to see that payment in your account for close to a week!! Buy something and the charge takes forever to appear. It is as if there exists a delay line between HSBC’s computers and the real world.

The HSBC website is a split up nightmare, again much more poorly designed than websites of my other cards. I’m only now just getting the hang of doing business with HSBC after many months.

But at the bottom line it’s the money that matters. The HSBC card has a decent 1.5% reward and they pay. Period. And I’ve never been targeted with any hassles or warnings. Thus I continue to do business there. While not all that enjoyable, doing so is profitable.