Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion

Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion


Hmm, it’s somewhat hard to decide on this. A quick glance at the Tesla forums is showing that some people are taking delivery over 6 weeks after configuring, and some are getting it within 2 weeks.

I suppose it would be dumb of me to take the bet now with all the information you have provided, so I will eat crow and bow out with my tail between my legs. My original prediction was that you wouldn’t get your car until Thanksgiving, and that has been thoroughly smashed, so I have obviously lost.

I hope you enjoy your new car and DO NOT take your hands off the wheel for any extended period of time until their system gets better at keeping the car on the road.

Be sure to post a pic once it hits your driveway, even if it’s after May 31, but especially if it’s before. I think blue is a more appealing color on paper and I would definitely drive a blue car, but long term, I love a white car with a dark interior (my last two cars). You can’t go wrong with white.


Thanks Meed. My 2 reservations are opened to configure. I put one of the reservation on hold so that I can get AWD version in mid-2018 (hopefully before 9/30/2018). My wife thinks 1 new car is good enough. So I will probably give my 2nd reservation to someone else rather buy a rear wheel drive.

I am going to select a blue color for Model 3 AWD. Hopefully, white leather will be available by then.

Tesla must be cranking out Model 3. All my relatives and friends who stood in line on March 31st have received their invitation. So far everyone has accepted the invite and have ordered current Model 3.


My BMW X3 is “the world’s first true hands-free driving system”. I cannot drive 3 seconds without my hands on the steering wheel. :-):rofl:


It comes out to be $54,000 before taxes based on options I selected. But still better price than Model S.

Blue definitely looks good.


Should really be called “Hands-On Pilot”.


$54,000 seems like so much more than $35,000, or is that just me?


It depends if you want premium options or just get standard options. I want the premium options and don’t mind paying with money I made from TSLA investment.


I saw 5 model 3s this past weekend. 3 in white and 2 in blue. The white looks cheap. Stay away


I saw a white Model 3. It didn’t look bad at all. But still leaning towards blue…or even maybe light grey.


Have you not submitted your configuration request yet?


Ordered Midnight Metallic Silver color. Will order Blue when white leather and AWD become available.


It seems like Tesla has finished taking orders from people who stood in line and is proceeding with people who ordered online around March 31, 2016.


Tesla owners always have instant access to a designated driver. :grinning:

Impaired? Not to worry if you own a Tesla


Also scroll down to take in nice Tesla Model 3 review.


Tear Down review of 3:


Of course Detroit firm is going to be very fair to Tesla. If majority of Model 3 owners are happy with their car, then it’s a success in my book. I am looking forward to my delivery.


Oh, I don’t doubt for a second they will be happy with it but that has nothing to do with the article.

Assuming they survive, the build quality will get better. It’s not very well known that even in the same model # there can be quite a lot of changes.

-I spend 4 years in an auto-assemble plant but I’m no expert.


You are right. You are not expert on EV. But doesn’t matter. I will be smiling when I drive my Model 3 and you will continue your pessimistic view on Tesla.


Which doesnt matter, because the teardown praised the EV and electronics part. It was the other stuff they said doesn’t measure up.


Right…all GM cars are perfectly assembled. Go to Tesla showroom or find Model 3 at a local parking lot. Fit looks fine. Can’t tell difference from my current 2016 BMW


Gez… can you take off your fanboy hat for a second, not every legit criticism of Tesla means I think they are doing everything wrong. It just makes you look petty and uniformed.