Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion

Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion


Tesla delivery video to watch



A Tesla Fangirl, your ideal woman?


Teardown reveals Tesla Model 3 has “best battery ever built to date” and it’s “a work of art”.



My wife is ideal woman (just in case she reads this). Lol!

Meed, did you short TSLA again and lost more money?


Nope, just slightly bummed I made the wrong call on our $100 bet.


Don’t be bummed…I made a good profit on Tesla Call options yesterday. I will donate it back to Tesla by buying their Model 3 AWD. And now will save it up for Model Y :wink:


Saw about a dozen model 3 on car transport trucks at a truck stop on I-5 yesterday.


Does anyone else find it ironic that electric cars are being transported to their destinations on the back of a tractor trailer powered by a diesel engine?


I consider the infrastructure to be the toughest challenge for EV adoption. Currently, I work in the utilities world and there’s no way to support even 20% adaptation of home with fast charger at this point. We also face incredible amount of community resistance when upgrade existing transmission and distribution system. Everything from "we don’t want ugly powerline " to “EMF is making my cat autistic”.


Maybe solar panels and Powerwall 2 will help?


Nice article about how manufacturing is done at Tesla


Tesla now has more than 10,000 Superchargers around the world!




Great News! Tesla Model 3 Production Tracking Up To 50% Higher


“One Thing Tesla Doesn’t Have To Worry About: Chevy Bolt Sales”



“The good news for GM is that its plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt is selling pretty well. Inventories are good and the car continues to attract buyers in the market for a plug-in hybrid with a long electric range.”

Tesla should take note. People are more interested in plug-in hybrids than they are 100% electric cars.


If your assumption is correct, why isn’t there a wait list of 400K people lining up to buy Volt? Better yet, why do EV drivers have to go to gas station if there are superchargers all over USA. Oh wait…GM hasn’t built any supercharging network because they want hybrid drivers to visit the nearest gas station. Yup…that make sense. Pump gas and have oil change done on a hybrid car but should feel good because this hybrid has a battery to give you 50 miles after 4.5 hours of supercharging (or 13 hrs on 110V). Talk about advanced battery charging. Why spend a dime on supercharger build out when there is a gas station every block. GM is so brilliant!


I’m not saying that people are more interested in the Chevy Volt than the Telsa Model 3. That should be obvious. I’m saying that, according to that article, when deciding between the Chevy Bolt and the Chevy Volt, buyers are more likely to chose a Volt. Consider if Tesla offered a plug-in hybrid alongside their Model 3. It wouldn’t be crazy to think that even more people would line up for that car.

Tesla obviously doesn’t need to offer one right now, but you can’t run on novelty forever. It’s not beyond possibilities that Ford, Honda, Nissan, etc. start making a better and more popular car than the model 3 in the near future. If Tesla doesn’t at least consider the plug-in hybrid, they COULD miss out on a huge opportunity and lose market share to the more established companies.

I don’t know much about the Tesla supercharging network, but I do know that I can count on one hand how many I have seen on the interstate in Virginia. Gas stations are everywhere. GM doesn’t want people to go to gas stations. People want to be able to use gas stations rather than charging stations. People like knowing that they don’t have to plan their route around where charging stations are and how long they take to charge a car.

Not sure if you are being sarcastic here, but it actually is smart for car companies to avoid getting into the power distribution business if they don’t have to. How much is Tesla losing on their supercharging network right now?



Once you go electric, you don’t go back to gasoline and oil changes. Period!

It’s their Supercharging network that makes me want to buy Tesla. Without their network, Tesla would not have been this successful. It’s their network that is going to put them ahead of other manufacturers that are trying to get into EV.

OMG…don’t tell me you live in VA…


The video of the latest Tesla incident looks like somebody on the assembly line had strapped one of those flame throwers sold by Musk to the undercarriage. Very weird.

BTW, the Volt is not a hybrid, it’s an electric vehicle with a range-extending gas engine. The ICE doesn’t power the drivetrain, it charges the batts.


Sounds like a hybrid when a car depends on both electric and gasoline (even if ICE is used to charge the battery). Regardless, Wikipedia calls Volt as “plug-in hybrid”. But that’s not important. What’s important is who wants to be caught dead in driving such a ugly car? Why can’t GM hire ahighly talented designer and put some exotic touch to it’s design? It’s a good idea with K-Mart like design.

I seriously doubt any Tesla owner will give up their car and trade in for Volt. But if Volt copies Tesla design and develope better autopilot feature, then maybe it has a chance to outsell Tesla.