Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion

Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion


Tesla is impossible to make money shorting because it is a hard to borrow stock. The interest rate to borrow the shares is 40%+.

I am confident that Tesla will be bankrupt but at the same time I will not short a stock that has to lose more than 40% of its value in a year just to make a profit because that is a lousy risk\return trade off.


You seem to be the only one who doesnt seem to understand how important selling higher-margin cars is for Tesla’s viability as a company. If they were actually selling the $35k model that all the marketing hype has revolved around, they’d only be putting themselves out of business. So no crap it’s critical for the company, yet you’re the one who’s dismissed anyone who’s even implied that Tesla’s business is anything but rainbows and lollipops.


Haha…nice try Meed. I am talking about people complaining about Tesla not having $35k Model 3 right now. Even though Elon Musk stated more than 2 years ago that Tesla will fulfill the premium models first and then base model $35k will be released afterwards. Tesla made it very clear from day 1, there are “obtuse” people (won’t mention any names) who are still complaining about $35k car. Hello??? Tesla still has overwhelming demand for premium and performance models. So be patient and wait for it. Complaining is not going to result in instant gratification.


Right…that’s why I am complaining about Tesla not making $35K EV…I don’t understand the importance of the margin; therefore, Tesla is fraud for not making $35K car…sounds familiar?

Read my comments if you think I said Tesla can sustain making $35K car because their “business is anything but rainbows and lollipops”. I made it very clear that Tesla need to sell high margin cars first before producing $35K version. If you have a hard time understanding this comment, I will be glad to repeat it again and again until you come to better understanding. Don’t try to put your fakes news coming out of my mouth.


Let’s assume your guess is correct. But haven’t Ford and GM filed bankruptcy also? Regardless, it’s not going to happen this year for Tesla. I will be glad to bet you $500 Amazon Gift card. Let me know if you are confident in your fortune telling skill to take on this bet.


You are correct. Tesla has changed it since last looked at configuration page in late May. It appears there is no option for standard battery now.


Except more than 2 years ago, they said they would already be making the $35k versions by now. You act like they aren’t 1+ year behind their production schedule.

You are mischaracterizing my badmouthing of Tesla as a complaint. I have no relationship with them, so I have no right to complain. I’m just stating my opinion based on the facts. The people that made a deposit because they thought they would have their $35k car by now… because Elon said they would… they do have the right to complain, however.

You wanted a particular car when you started this thread. Then you moved the goalposts and changed your mind on what you wanted so that it matched what Tesla was offering first. You had me fooled so much so that when I was willing to bet you that you wouldn’t have your car by May 31, you told me you just got your “notice to configure” implying that you were going to configure a car that would be made right now (instant gratification). After you gave me this info, I gentlemanly “conceded” and said I would be dumb to take the bet with that information. Once I dropped my wager offer, you revealed your actual plan, that you wouldn’t order what was available now, but would get an AWD version (hopefully) by 9/30/18. So you’re right, you didn’t go for instant gratification. But you sure made us seem like you would. You are actually being pretty patient. So I was wrong to call you an early-adopter that wanted instant gratification.


After all this complaining about Model 3, you are a hypocrite if you buy one! You cry about $35K model not being available right now. But did you ever pay attention when Tesla announced it from the beginning that they will fulfill premium model orders first. Tesla just released another press release stating they still have more than 400K orders to fulfill. If 25% of the remaining 400K orders are premium models, you wait for $35k model just got longer. Stop crying like a baby. Save up some money and buy the premium if you want one now. If you can’t afford it, take it like a grown man and wait for it!



Umm…they estimated. Did they sign a contract with you an exact date of delivery? My reservations did not have a guaranteed delivery date. Did yours? Oh wait, you didn’t even sign up. Why are you making this into an issue?

Maybe you are perfectionist and have never made a mistake. But many people who owns their business understands that there could be challenges and learning curve required to try to make a new production method work efficiently. There will be delays and there will be higher demands. It’s my guess that many people also have decided to purchase the premium version instead of wait till end of the line for the base model. If that’s the case, then the waiting time for $35k model is only going to get longer. It’s bad news for people who are waiting for $35k but great news for Tesla investors.


Seriously, I would buy one of these:

I’m partial to this one:

But I also much prefer the interior of the S to the 3. The 3 looks like an unfinished car to me. Also too cramped for me.


Like I said…Tesla underestimated the difficulty of trying to launch a new production method. Also, they underestimated the demand for Model 3.

But if people don’t have the patience to wait for one, $1k is totally refundable. They can go buy new Leaf that sells for $35k price range. But it seems Tesla still has 42oK reservation for Model 3 as of June 30, 2018.



nothing you just said overshadows the complaints that some model 3 reservation holders have for not getting the car they put a deposit down for in the timeframe that was estimated. yes, they knew it was an estimate. but complaints that an estimate was off by more than a year are totally valid. you can deflect all you want. the fact remains, telsa is turning off a lot of potential customers. and tesla fanboys like you aren’t helping.


That’s not a bad deal. But I believe 2015 model does not have 8 sensors (AP2). I prefer the latest technology, and most comparisons have indicated that Model 3 is more fun to drive than Model S. So I am going to stick with Model 3. Model S design will probably get new face lift by next year. So 2015 Model S may depreciate even more if new Model S design comes out.


Meed, you don’t even have a reservation. Give it a rest. Make your life more useful than trying to argue about something that you didn’t even put $1 into. I take that back…you lost few bucks shorting TSLA.

It seems like you never had an experience of having a home or office built. If you did, you will learn that there are many factors that delay the construction and can even double the estimated time.


Stop assuming because I think Tesla build quality is garbage, their word is worthless, the car is tiny and overpriced that I can’t afford it.


Then why the hell are you making issue about $35K base model not being available? If you can afford something better, go buy it. makes no sense you to come here and make an issue out of it. It was very clear from the beginning that $35K model will be the last in line to go into production. So why are you complaining about it?


Seriously, I would buy one of these:
https://www.tesla.com/inventory/used/ms 1

I’m partial to this one:
https://www.tesla.com/used/5YJSA1S28FF088817 1

But I also much prefer the interior of the S to the 3. The 3 looks like an unfinished car to me. Also too cramped for me.

And yet you want to buy a used Model S…that really makes sense after you insult Tesla’s quality…LOL!


I was referring to model 3 build quality. Pushing cars out to hit numbers they desperately need to hit can’t mean good quality cars.

Back on topic… Did you ever order your model 3?


I put money into the pocket of every single person that has bought a Tesla and received a federal tax credit.

I have considered an EV in the past. I was excited when Tesla made their first roadster. I was excited when they said they would have a small luxury sedan that could do 200+ miles on a charge and it would cost less than $35k. Nearly everything Elon has said, the company has done, and their fanboys post on the internet since then has turned me off from the company and their products. I don’t care if you dismiss my opinion, and the opinion of others like me as irrelevant. But if Tesla does that, partly because they feel empowered because all they see and hear are the people like you, they do so at their own peril.


Yeah…but did you read the entire message? Here it is again. Comprehend the entire message before complaining about $35K model not being available. I don’t know why some people only want to understand part of the message and selectively ignore that high optioned car will be produced first. Don’t blame Tesla. Blame the rich buyers who have deep pockets to buy the most expensive Model 3. There are still more than 420K reservations that need to be fulfilled. Who knows how many of 420K orders are higher optioned cars. It’s not Tesla’s fault if there are at least 200K people ahead of you who wants higher optioned Model 3. If you don’t get it, maybe you should look into buying another EV instead of complaining about non-existence of $35K. Tesla never said $35K model will be produced first.So your complaint has no warrant and should be stopped.