Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion

Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion


Yes…picking it up this Saturday. And will get free wifi hotspot since I ordered before July 1st. :smile:


I will be thinking of you when I get my $7,500 federal tax credit. Your 0.000001 cent contribution is greatly appreciated! It’s not anyone’s fault if you don’t buy EV and take advantage of it while it’s available.


My state has Lemon Law to protect consumers…so if your assumption is correct, then I will have Tesla buy it back and keep my Federal Tax Credit of $7,500.


Hey, what options did you pick, if you don’t mind saying? Why did you choose what you did? And what if anything was required in terms of home charger installation that you did not have previously?


The complaints aren’t valid because they are making higher optioned cars first. The complaints are valid because they are 8 months behind schedule on orders across the board, took longer than anticipated to hit production numbers of 5,000 cars per month, and therefore will be over 1 year behind one production of the base model. Reread your first post. YOU, the biggest Tesla fanboy, thought that you would be able to get a standard battery car in November 2017.


Ask me if care anymore about the delay. I am getting my car this Saturday😀

Move on… your argument is getting old and boring…especially from someone who hasn’t ordered one but wants to make needless discussion about a delay.


I picked RWD with a premium pkg, enhanced autopilot, and long range battery. I was going to wait for AWD but changed my mind so that I can get my car sooner.

I am currently driving BMW X3 and love it. I plan to use Model 3 for a local driving as a second car. Although Performance version is tempting, I do not plan to take it to a track to race someone. So RWD is all I need as my second car. Maybe when Model Y comes out, I will spurge and get more options if I plan to replace X3 with Model Y. But who knows if BMW will make a competitive eSUV in 2020 for X3. If that happens, it will be a tough decision if price is similar.

Are you getting M3 too?


That’s incorrect. The borrow cost on TSLA is under 2% and has been for over a year.


I’m very much in the wait-and-see mode. Have not ordered yet, hoping to see reviews of the early adopters. Currently dragging out the useful life on the old beater to see what unfolds with the M3.


Not a bad idea to wait if you are not eager to drive one. But seems like waiting may cause the option price to go higher. Free Wi-Fi hotspot went away and I heard also white and red will cost $1,500 instead of $1,000. I bet when 2019 Model 3 comes out there will be a price increase. But Tesla may have more kinks worked out as you wait.


Wish V3 Supercharger will be available near me.


I can confirm that red is now $1500 extra instead of $1000. We put order in for metallic gray as were torn between the two so saving $500 moved us to that color but we’re still 3-5 months away from delivery.

Any pics of your new car?


Updating because I found out this is not technically true. Turns out that if the car qualifies for the stickers and has never been registered for stickers you can buy it used and get the full 3+ years.

Something to consider if you live in CA and don’t regularly drive a carpool route–leave the stickers off to increase resale value.


So I get a call from Tesla that my car is in transit now and will be delivered on Monday. I just checked my Tesla account and it still shows Sep-Nov delivery estimate. Not sure what’s up with that. I didn’t reserve my car until Nov 2016 but paid for it on 30 June to get the lifetime internet thing


Phone call and email notification are more up to date. I would call the contact person and confirm your delivery date. Congrats!


Yep, all set, picking up next Wednesday as wife is in all day meetings Mon-Tue. Of course wife decided yesterday that maybe she does want an S anyway. We test drive an S this weekend so then we can compare to the 3 on Wednesday. If we want the S we’ll keep the 3 in the garage and then try to sell it at cost (I’m not greedy). That way I can keep the $7500 tax rebate on the 3 and the S which brings the price of the new S70D to around $66.5k which is only $18k more than the model 3. Yes, it has less range (310 vs 265) but should not be an issue for us. It’s been a crazy day here…

The advantage in NJ is that there is no sales tax on electric vehicles, whether new or used so it makes it much easier to resell the car since buyer does not pay sales tax on it.


Well I cancelled one out of my two reservations, since no one I know wants it and anyone can order one off the line now. They might get their car a couple of months later than with my reservation but if they order a premium model by the end of the month, they still have a decent shot of the $7500 tax credit, given the four to five month lag time - given that I was not a day one reservation holder but a year one. Still on the fence with my personal reservation. If I had my 2004 Acura I would probably drop the $1500 extra to convert it into a real vehicle but given that was totaled and I bought a replacement, I am in no hurry to get another one, especially when the Chevy Bolt, Kia Niro, Audi, and Nissan Leaf are coming down the pike with more options.


You said you would post a picture when you got it. Where have you been? Let’s see the car! How do you like it?


Add me to the growing list of Model 3 owners… I reserved a year ago, so late to the party, configured late June, and picked up my car a couple weeks ago. Went as cheap as I could: RWD, LR, PUP, Basic Black. Everything has been great for me, no issues so far. Love the car! I was getting frustrated by Tesla’s repeated delays and then seeing a Sep-Nov delivery window when configuration opened up in June, I almost went with a Bolt instead. So glad I didn’t pull that trigger. My only beef is the lack of blind spot monitoring. Hopefully they add that soon with a software update.


Tried to short Tesla today but I was surprised it is not possible. Looks like there are not enough shares available as so many people are shorting. 22% of the float is short. I put in an order for some 2020 put contracts… not sure if it will get filled.

“SELL 100 TSLA NASDAQ.NMS @ 300.65” The contract is not available for short sale