$2 Large or XL Papa John's Pizzas

If you’re the kind of person who gets excited about gorging themselves on Olive Garden unlimited passes then have I got a deal for you.

This deal is set to expire Oct 31st, but may be ended early or the terms may be modified. Last time PJ ran their Visa Checkout promo they changed their system mid-way through to kill the deal (they upped the order minimum to keep the pizzas coming). On this new round they’ve done away with the order minimum, but limited it to one per Papa John’s account so the deal is essentially back with one extra step. You could read through this SD thread and put the pieces together or you could just follow my circles and arrows:

Day 1: Order a Papa John’s pizza via their website using whatever promo tickles your fancy (you’ll probably spend $5-10 depending on the promo code or special you select). The key here is that your order must include a pizza AND you must pay using Visa Checkout (VCO).

Day 2: Around 12PM eastern you will receive an email from PJ with a one-time use code good for a free large 1-topping pizza (check your SPAM/promo folders). Return to the PJ website and have your family member/friend/pet/whoever create a new PJ account (i.e. use a different email address from yesterday). The new account is key since this promo is limited to one-per PJ account. On this new account apply the free 1-topping pizza code you received and either add a second a second topping to it (so that it’s no longer free) or “Papa Size” it (done by clicking “Details” when viewing the pizza in your cart) to bump it up to an XL pizza for a small fee. You’ll probably want to place the order for carry-out too, unless you want to more than double your cost. The key is that your order total has to be something other than $0 and you have to get there by having the pizza cost something (i.e. you can’t just add a soda or side item to avoid a $0 total). Again, you must pay using VCO and the total should be around $2 if you did it right. It’s fine to use the same VCO account from day 1 if you like, just the PJ account must be different. This means you’ll only pay ~$2 for pizza on Day 2.

Day 3: See day 2 instructions.

Day 4: See day 2 instructions.

Day 5: See day 2 instructions.

Day 6: (Optional) Take a day off, you’ve gotta be sick of pizza by now and you’ve probably gained a couple pounds!

Day 7: See day 2 instructions.

Day 8: I think you get the idea…

That’s the basic deal.
Optional: If you want to improve your day 1 experience slightly with a small increase in complexity I can help you out there too. PJ has a rewards program and 10 points in the rewards program will get you a free side item (cheese sticks, breadsticks, cookie, brownie, etc.). I’ve got a bunch of coupon codes for 10 free reward points that you can redeem (also, one per PJ account). If you want one reply to this thread saying something to the effect of “I want a code for the reward points” and I’ll PM you one. Let’s say the first 10 or 15 people asking for them will get one. You login to your account, redeem the code and then from there click on the reward point page to see your redemption objects and add the free item to your cart. This can work on day 2 as well, but some stores have a ~$4 order minimum required when getting a free size item this way so YMMV on day 2 (seeing as how your order total should be $2). Also, the 10 free point codes and the points themselves expire October 1st so it really only works if you use them this weekend.


And now I’m hungry. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Thanks for posting. I’d like a code for reward points if you have one.

  2. I’ve been rolling this, did 5 times. Totally works.

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I’m not sure I’ll be available the rest of the evening, so here’s a few 10-point codes. Reply if you use one so others know to avoid it.

[used up]

used hf7wkqsm6fjsyzv
thank you!

The last time this rolled around you didn’t have to create a new e-mail. I ate pizza for almost 2 weeks straight using Visa Checkout and either papa sizing or adding a drink or something on my account (also getting rewards points). Good deal!

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Used hw38qbd56hpk3zv
Thank you.

I think the code hhx3kp3z25r9czv is used by someone. Do you have one more to spare? Please PM me! Thank you!

PM sent.

Thank you!