Free Papa John's Large 2-Topping Pizza *Today Only*

I tried giving away free size items at Papa John’s, but only a couple of you took me up on the offer.

I’m going to up the ante a little and give out free large 2 topping pizzas to see if that’s a little more interesting to members here. I don’t have a ton of codes, but let’s say the first three to reply to this thread asking for the free pizza will get them.

Way it works is you log into your PJ account (or create a new one), enter two separate coupon codes (each will give you 10 reward points) and then you use the code PAPA20 to apply those 20 reward points to a free large 2-topping pizza. If you’ve used any other codes in the last week that award bonus points to your PJ account then you’ll have to create a new PJ account to redeem these codes to (there is a limit of one per account on both of these codes).

Note that the pizza is only truly free if you pick it up. You can have them deliver it too, but then you’d have to pay for delivery fee + tip.

EDIT: Bolded the part of my OP that specified the first three replies would get free pizza. Others are welcome to use this thread to share/roll free VCO pizzas, but I don’t have any more free pizzas I’m giving away, myself.


Also, I should add that if you prefer you can add a 3rd topping or increase the size to XL and then pay with Visa Checkout to jump right in at Step 2 on the thread I linked. If you did this you would pay ~$2 for tonight’s pizza and then get another free pizza code emailed to you tomorrow (see linked thread for more info).

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Feed me please. I am planning to Papa size as well! Thanks

PM Sent. Since you’re already planning on Papa sizing make sure that you pay using Visa Checkout (after reading the other thread I posted for details on that promo if you’re not familiar with the requirements).

I’m going to meet a friend so won’t be as responsive for the next hour or so, but I will get codes out to the first three replies.


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Free Pizza, why not!

Can I order ahead for later this week and pay today? If so I’m in. Had too much pizza last week but by Wednesday I’m sure I’ll be craving.

Edit: Also if it works I’ll roll this forward into a new account w/new Visa Checkout, and can give the free pizza away and maybe we can keep that free pizza rolling as a group?


I’m not sure if it will allow that or not. If it actually works, let me know since it will be a good data point for future reference.

PM Sent

Okay, I should have one or two more codes if anybody else wants in.

$2 for 2 pizzas and I only have to drive a mile - round trip? Thanks for being so generous! I’ll take one!

Enjoy. Don’t eat it all in one sitting!

Do you have anymore codes - would like a free pizza!! :grin:

I’ll take one!

Free Pizza Please!

Free pizza would be nice. Thanks. :slight_smile:

PM Sent… And I’m officially out. I still have a few 10 point codes left that expire tonight, but 10 points isn’t enough to get your a free pizza. Will get you a free side item, but some PJ locations require a $3.99 minimum purchase to get that free side item. If yours doesn’t and you want one let me know.

I’ll take 10 points. Thanks for the free pizzas.

I’ll take the 10 points. Tried to reply for the free pizza and account got put on hold. :tired_face: