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Did anyone notice an issue with previously scheduled transfers? I have a monthly transfer that normally occurs on the 3rd of the month. I noticed today that it did not occur. (This is an internal transfer, btw).

Not a big deal but I am wondering if the transfer schedule ended (which is possible) or if it was “lost” with the banking upgrade.
Thanks for any insight!

Modern view on Alliant’s website is horrible! I only communicate with banks via pen and paper. The sky is falling!


I had recurring external transfers scheduled for 12/1 and 12/4, and both processed as expected.


An Alliant CU online video showed up in my e-mail box today. I haven’t taken a look yet, but it should show us all the new changes. :woozy_face:

I can appreciate change. I can probably list 10 things I want changed on their web site now (besides reverting back some of the new ones). I’m not even against “modern looking” web sites, when it’s not at the expense of usability and features. I just consider changing solely for the “modern” looks to not be worth the risks that stuff with break, especially in non-standard browsers / extensions, speed with suffer, etc. Just like it happened here. Now when looking at the account activity, I can only see 4 transactions at the bottom of my large-ish monitor, without scrolling, while there’s lots of empty space everywhere on the page. Before the redesign, the overall feeling was that the site was very fast; now it feels like an average banking site - I think because of those stupid dots moving during page changes (or maybe they’re a symptom and not the cause, I don’t know). It’s not as bad as Chase’s, but much slower than it used to be. But I’m glad that you’re happy that it looks modern.

And why does it sound almost like you consider it your job to change my attitude?


While you may have to do a bit more scrolling now…the type style is much nicer and the size is welcome by my “senior eyes” (lol)…While it’s true you didn’t have to scroll as much before, the type was so plain and old fashioned looking and so small…I never looked forward to logging in…now i do…and am using it for my day to day banking…

As i mentioned earlier…most CU’s have refreshed and adopted the more modern style that most of the regular banks are using these days…they were one of the last to convert but it was inevitable…

By the way, when i log into the actual online banking (not the app) on my android phone it has the same uniform look…that was also part of the goal…to make it compatible across various devices which you didn’t have year’s ago…That’s also why they couldn’t remain in the 1990s style vogue…

In fact, i had moved away from using Alliant as my day-to day a long time ago because of the plain… tiny, 90s style look…The new design actually got me to come back and now Alliant is my go-to place…I put lots of cash in i didn’t have there before and even applied for and was approved for the Platinum Rewards Card!

I found a bug on the new website.

If you have a pending transaction, and that transaction is a debit rather than a credit, they still apply the credit styling (i.e. a number in green) rather than the debit styling of a negative sign and an italicized dollar figure. The old website just had separate columns for debits/credits so it portrayed the pending activity correctly.


Good catch. Thanks

You know, these things are supposed to be handled through browser preferences and good web site design that respects those client settings and makes site look decent regardless. Have you tried increasing your default font size in the browser? You should increase it and complain to sites where it either doesn’t increase or layout gets messed up, rather than complaining that it’s not big enough with default settings, thus forcing your preferences on others.


Press Ctrl and + to increase size. Contrl and - to reduce size.

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I just encountered a $250 transfer limit. What the hell? My limit was 25k.
I sent a secure message and asked them to “fix it”.

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Thank you for posting. If this is real, and not just a temporary glitch, it would be HUGE!! And you never can tell. This is not the sort of thing they would brag about openly.

Thank goodness I still have my PurePoint account!


For the “halibut” I just attempted to schedule a transfer from my Alliant savings to an outside financial institution. Amount was well in excess of $250. Encountered no problems at all and transfer was scheduled as usual with no drama whatsoever.


“Thank goodness I still have my PurePoint account!”

That was my immediate solution. I made the needed transfer from my Purepoint account.

I went back to Alliant today and transferred 15k to my NASB 2% account. So whatever the problem was, it’s fixed now,


Well, after some usage, I think bill pay is definitely less user-friendly with the web site “upgrade”. Slower to schedule multiple bills at the same time and going back and forth between the various screens involved in bill pay, view scheduled payments etc.

Thanks a lot, @craig10x :slight_smile:

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You’re Welcome :grinning:
It’s just another click or two…don’t be a “fuss pot” LOL :wink:
Overall, i think it is a vast improvement…Two years was a long time to work on this but looks like they put a lot of thought into it…

Pot … kettle :thinking:

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No question. As a heavy user I have noticed this as well.

The entire new website is infantile . . . it is geared to children rather than to adults who put functionality over appearance.

This is what passes for progress in 2019, almost 2020.

Speaking of which, those same children who value the simplicity and beauty of the new website also believe we are coming to the end of this decade! How do we reason with minds unable even to count to ten?

You cannot teach calculus to a cat. :wink:

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Aren’t you the guy who has canceled and re-joined Alliant like 37 times for various reasons? :laughing:


Only twice, actually…now that they re-designed the online banking (and i really enjoy using it) they got me back for good…in fact, i had even applied for the Platinum Rewards Visa card ( and was approved and received a very generous credit line) and will be using it as my main use card…and i am doing all my day-to-day banking with them now :slightly_smiling_face:

Alliant savings and checking interest rates remain unchanged for January of 2020.

Here are the Alliant CC statement closing dates for 2020 given me by only a single rep. You must therefore factor in the possibility these dates could be in error. Please do not shoot the messenger:

Jan 14

Feb 11

Mar 14

Apr 12

May 14

Jun 13

Jul 14

Aug 14

Sep 13

Oct 14

Nov 13

Dec 13

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