Alliant Credit Union

You will, ZZZ…
Well, the reason you need to scroll more is because the type is larger in the transaction list and various other functions…Nicer style and Larger type translate to “easier on the eyes”… I always felt the type style was too plain looking and too tiny in the past…

I have been into it a number of times and already got use to it…really enjoying the new online banking…prior to this i felt like i was with a very old fashioned CU…now i feel like they have moved up to 2019! LOL :grin:

RIP :frowning:


What exactly takes more clicks now than before?

I like the new website. I used to have to open TWO tabs to see both, the running account balance and posted transactions (the old transactions page did not show the balance!). Now it’s on one page – I’m happy.

If you want to deposit a (paper) check, more clicks are needed. Same if you want to set or alter your account backup settings. There are other examples.

Look, I understand what happened. The old website page was too “busy” . . . it offered too many options of places to go than can readily be accommodated on a small screen. The old menu on the bottom, for example, got you places in one click not reachable now without multiple clicks.

The new website is a HUGE improvement for mobile, and other, small screen users.

But I’m not among that group. I access the net on a large screen. The old one click options were great for me, and for others like me. And now they are gone. I’m not happy about that. But I understand why it happened. More and more people today are using mobile devices to access the net. People like me . . . . dinosaurs. And we all know what happened to the dinosaurs.:cry:

You use the website to deposit a paper check? The mobile app is so vastly superior for this.

The existence of the mobile app is the very reason why I’m curious they’d invest in a website that’s so mobile-focused. Mobile users should be using the app, not the website. Banking is one of those things that customers are willing to download an app for. Random retail websites not so much, which is why they have to invest in a mobile website. Banks should be driving adoption of their app instead.


Apps can be quirky sometimes…Online Banking is usually more reliable…For example…the mobile check deposit on Alliant’s app doesn’t work on my particular android phone (other functions do work) but i have no problem making check deposits using E Deposit in the Online Banking…

I have never used a mobile phone to make a telephone call.

Never. Ever. No exceptions.

I do not subscribe to any mobile telephone service provider, and I never have. Not years ago. Not now. Never.

True war story:

It must have been circa 1982 or 1983 . . . but I’m really not certain. It was early where mobile communications are concerned. My boss, one of our Division VPs, ordered me to attend a seminar on cellular communications. For this I had to travel to NYC. It was a large group of people at either the Harvard Club or the Princeton Club, I’m not sure now which. We were lectured by the Yankee Group, out of Boston, regarding every aspect of the (then new) cellular communications phenomenon.

It was all new to me. I sat there, listened, and learned. Reported thereafter, back to my boss.

Throughout I was unimpressed by the entire thing. I found the idea of carrying a telephone around with me, on my person, highly intrusive and far too potentially disrespectful of my privacy . . . something I value highly.

It is nearly forty years later now, and much has changed and evolved in the mobile telephone world. But my opinion regarding the basic concept remains unchanged. I want nothing whatsoever to do with the damn things.

Yup, and I bet you use a typewriter for communication and are never on newfangled things like the internet or computers. Someone is always watching what you do online and there is a record with the service provider of everything you do and every site you visit. Highly intrusive and far too potentially disrespectful of your privacy. No thanks!

Do you still have a horse carriage so you can get supplies from the general store?


Not me personally. But several of my neighbors do.:grinning:

And I apologize for your misunderstanding. By privacy I meant there are times I do not want other people to be able to reach me on the telephone.

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You can turn the telephone off or to mute.


I’m well aware of that, Argyll. Doing so would not address my objection.

I knew I liked you… :slight_smile:

In my early 40s, I feel like I’m one of only a handful left who’s not glued to a phone. I drive my little nieces and nephews around a lot, so there’s a phone in the van in case of trouble (they qualify for a free lifeline line, but dont use it). And I have a “mp3 player” in my car, that I guess can call 911 if I ever need to. Does either of those count as “carrying a cell phone”? I’ve never actually made a call with either…


Anyway, back on topic:

For me, since I do not use mobile telephones, the Alliant feature which allows one to scan a check front and back, and then upload the two images, is an important one. It’s a feature I really appreciate, and of course the instant crediting to my Alliant account is sweet, too.

I also like that Alliant does not charge for this service. :wink:


I probably should also have mentioned that the aforementioned service works well for me in the vast majority of instances. I very seldom have a problem depositing a check using this Alliant service. And it’s always a better day when stuff “just works”. :grinning:

I’ll bet most here have gotten use to the new Online Banking refresh already…not so bad after all?
By the way, use to be you had to got to a separate section to do an external transfer as opposed to an internal one…now the two have been combined…Nice improvement! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s actually very well organized (once you get use to where everything is) and most of the time (when their servers aren’t getting overloaded…lol) rather zippy too…

No. I don’t even like the new font - for some reason it’s “fuzzy” on my screen, while the old one was sharp. I get it you like the new site, do you have to keep bringing it up and annoying the rest of us who don’t?


Being older, and thus with less time remaining on earth, I would prefer their website work efficiently and logically with a minimum of hourglasses, spinning hamster wheels, inane messages, and javascript. If I can’t see the typeface, I will readily throw on a pair of glasses or press CTRL+ on my keyboard.

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I set the magnification on my browser to 70% or 75% which really helps. I’d still choose the old interface if I could. Glad you and others like it so much!

Excuse me for annoying you…Some just can’t appreciate change…and nothing i would say would change their attitude about it…Maybe you could “pretend” that it still looks like the old 1990s style… :wink:

As for me, i’m enjoying it and all i can say is…it took long enough to get here but to me…it was worth the wait…:slightly_smiling_face:

That sounds similar to Synchrony’s website update several years ago. I pulled all of my CD funds from them as soon as they matured. This was after 10+ years of wonderful (well, error-free) service even as they transitioned from GE to Synchrony.

That’s why, up until 10 years ago, we were still using rocks and stone to write messages … :sunny:

I can appreciate some change, like the change in women’s dress styles to the mini. :slight_smile: I just don’t like change for change’s sake. However, I suspect that you were the original idea man for This domain. :laughing:


I think most Credit Unions have modernized their Online Banking by now…it’s just that Alliant was one of the last to do it…but it was inevitable…They did take a lot of time on it (two years) but they wanted to make sure it would work well right from the start…