Alliant Credit Union

It’s change for change’s sake . . . and 100% unnecessary. Alliant already has the most functional website of any of the thirty or so with which I am familiar. I don’t give a damn about mobile.


I guess you are into 1990’s style website interfaces…I dig old (classic) cars but not classic websites… :grin:
You know…this is 2019… LOL

Again…you’re fears, i am sure, are unfounded…the way she described it to me…it just sounds like a bit of a refresh…that’s all…they haven’t even switched bill pay providers, for pete sake…

What I am hoping to avoid is the chaos that ensued when First Tech changed out their backend system following their merger with Addison Avenue CU. It was nothing short of a disaster - balances were incorrect, the website wouldn’t load, you couldn’t withdraw money at ATMs during multiple random maintenance windows (during the day)… it was horrible. This was around 2011 or so.

I dumped my account shortly thereafter and moved to Alliant. I have had maybe one or two issues over the last 8 years which is excellent imo. If they are just refreshing the styling, that’s fine… but for Pete’s sake, don’t make any major changes!

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As much as I hate the idea of this cosmetic / mobile refresh, I don’t think they are making major changes from what they have told us (and of course, what craig tells us!) I think we’ll all be fine. I too use Alliant as my primary bank/CU.

I hope you and Craig are right. I know when Goldman Sachs, now Marcus, redid their online banking to optimize for mobile devices, the regular computer interface changed and is terrible.

They’ve worked on it for about two years, so they certainly have had plenty of time to get it right… LOL :wink:

Their new online banking website broke Firefox 2.0! :rage:

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Alliant is not just messing with us regarding this impending, very much unwanted and unnecessary, change to their website.

Alliant has also, once again, decreased our savings account interest rate. The new savings rate is a paltry 1.65% APY.

So there’s not a lot of good news emerging from Alliant right now.

Citi has some deals that they keep pushing to me and the mrs for 2.02%.

How have auto loans been with Allaint? Do they offer any referral deals? I am looking to maybe refinance out of Wells Fargo that happened to be what Tesla offered.

And Alliant High-Rate Checking is down to 0.45%.

The redesigned website is up. It’s a total transformation and things have been dumbed down just as I feared would happen. It now takes more clicks to accomplish tasks where previously just a single click would suffice.

I can readily understand how this new website is much easier and is more practical for mobile users. For large screen folks like myself the old website was FAR more utilitarian.

Pity. They took perfect and ruined it. They are not the first ones to do so.


You just have to get use to the new layout…after a week or so, you won’t even think about the differences…personally, i like it…much easier on the eyes and SOOOOO much more modern… :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s pretty speedy too…


But now it has a nicer font!


I still dont have a clue what this is supposed to mean? When I want to send a billpay, it either works or it doesnt. “Looking more modern” isnt a factor in my success at that endevor.


Not just modern (compared to the old 1990s style interface they had) easier on the eyes…don’t know how old you are, but as a senior, i really appreciate that :wink:

Seems like we have several here that seem to feel that when an online banking is modernized…it ruins it…I gave it a good look over…seems to have the same functionality as it did before, and very speedy too…just slightly re-arranged and looks a heck of lot nicer…You will get use to it after a week or so…just give it a chance, for pete sake…LOL

I didn’t need to log in to Alliant today. Just thought I would take a look after reading all the comments.

Yep, really looks different. :blush: First it seemed to take longer to get into my account. Yes, more modern! Takes a few more clicks, but everything is right there in front of you, even if you don’t really need to see it all…

I was watching a TV show where a woman had made some progress reforming things in an organization and a friend said “You pissed off a lot of old white men.” She replied: “Old white men are always against progress.”

LOL Argyll…also i see Patty has the right attitude about this :wink:
Things did get a bit sluggish when i checked in a little while ago but i think that’s because this has to be broken in a bit by them and also because their server is probably getting overloaded since everyone is checking in to see the new Online Banking interface…

I’m sure things will smooth out in a couple of days…and i am starting to get use to it already…

Well I’m squarely middle aged and I don’t particularly like the redesign. It’s not the worst I’ve seen by far but everything seems larger and there’s a lot more scrolling involved for instance I used to be able to see all of my accounts on one page but now I have to scroll to see some of them. For transfers I used to be able to fill out all of the info for a transfer without any scrolling but now there’s scrolling involved. Just made things a bit more difficult. It does “look” nicer though, I’ll admit that and I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time.