Alliant Credit Union

You are correct, of course. I surely do not know. Nobody here or anywhere else outside the Alliant boardroom knows. And that is what is so frustrating.

I routinely move money in and out, on the same day, and in amounts far greater than the lousy grand I keep on deposit at all times. That said, however:

I never move out any incoming ACH money at Alliant before checking the sending account to be certain the money has departed there, with the ACH attributed to an Alliant withdrawal. In other words, I never take for granted that the funds reached Alliant in the first place.

So far so good.

I have my paycheck DD go into Navy Federal, which I then transfer to Alliant, I pay all of my credit card and other bills out of Alliant. I had one times where there was a big overdraft because I didn’t know Interactive Brokers had a long holding period before you could withdraw funds. I saw $$ in my Alliant account and transferred it out same day, but then the funds Alliant received were reversed. This happened fairly recently, but i didn’t try to fight the overdraft fee. Thank goodness the other CU I transferred it to was able to reverse a CD deposit or it would have been a mess.

Looks like they have a new account agreement effective April:


New Account Agreement.
Does anyone have an Old AA to compare the two? I was reading through the section on “getting rid of members”
Alliant CU have their behinds covered.

Patty…and others here. Please do not get upset. Not worth it. Thats why I do MS and bank bonuses. Banks and CU’s do not care about you. Like my 28 y/o son told me when I explained MS…“anything to f the banks I’m in favor of”. I cancelled my Alliant CC 2 years ago and keep 900.00 in the savings. I xfer 1500 in monthly and ACH out to 3 GoBank accts. Goes in as DD. Need GoBank to Ms VGC at WM. But now I will reduce my bal. To about 300.00. and they do not count as DD for some bank bonuses. I have 11 checking accts that gave nice bonuses and am closing many when the time limit is up. But I need many to deposit MO. BUT I’m sold on HMBradley. Now 3.5 ,% with their CC. And 3 % back on that CC in your main cat…groceries. only need 100 monthly spend. Plus many other lucrative cards out there with bonuses. US BANK 500 back with 3k spend…BOA biz credit card 750 back with 5k spend. And amex BCP WITH 300 Bonus and 6 % back at groceries with fee waived for 1 year. Alliant is crap.

Oh…AMEC BCP is capped at 6k year. And BOA biz card no real biz req. If you sold stuff on eBay that’s good too. But I’m lucky enough to have 2 OLD BLUE CASH amex cards that are not available now. BOA does not care about MS for the bonus, but amex does.

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The interest rate on my Alliant checking account is currently 0.00% APY. Previously it was 0.25% APY.

I hope this interest rate does not go negative. :wink:

I only have $1 in checking. :laughing:

Suggest they rename the product. You can’t call it “High Rate Checking”.

In the last low interest era (financial crisis), Alliant had a viable checking interest rate. But not this time.

Interesting, mine is still showing .25%. Are you meeting the requirements?

I dunno. Usually only keep $100 in there.

Mine is .25% as well.

Are there requirements? I use it as my primary checking so don’t pay attention if so.

Only two: accept e documents instead of paper and at least one direct deposit or ach push in each month…


Yes, I have failed to have an ACH deposit into the account and it goes to 0% the next month. I keep very little in the checking so it’s irrelevant. Almost all of my ACH’s go through the savings accounts, not the checking.

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Thanks craig! You would know :slight_smile:

It has to be a monthly recurring deposit. I’ve been depositing .01 per month from an external checking account for over ten years. It has only $3 or $4 in it.


I didn’t remember that there was actually a requirement for the Checking account.
Good info Craig.

Thanks Patty…i don’t use my Alliant accounts much anymore but i did remember the requirements…
On the Savings side, i believe you just have to keep at least $100.00 to get the apy…

I guess I was the first one posted that i was kicked out of ACU some time ago :slight_smile: No reason was given.

But in term of their banking product, I don’t see anything better than Ally. So, who cares.

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What are you using now @craig10x? I know you’ve sampled quite a few banks so wondering what you’ve found to be better than Alliant?

I’m using Marcus for Savings and using Citibank for my Checking and day to day banking stuff along with Citi Double Cash for my main Credit Card…