Alliant Credit Union

The government suspended the rule, but it was left as a choice by institutions. As of now there’s no withdrawal limit at Alliant.

I suspect if a whole lot of people started doing way over 6 withdrawals per month they might return to it.

A reason to keep funds in checking is if you use a debit card or checks.

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I posted that thirty days ago. It has been hiding here ever since . . . . . in plain sight. :grinning:

I messaged Alliant asking for a full or partial refund of the annual fee on the Signature Visa card that I was charged ($99) in May now that it has no annual fee. Unfortunately, they would not give me anything. They just listed the new terms and conditions of the card.


Get a second opinion.


also some credit card institutions requires checking acct. for payment for some reason

No rate change (0.25% checking/0.55% savings), for the record.


I may have told you all about my being on probation with Alliant for an error I made in August. It involved an ACH of funds into an out of my account. Definitely my mistake!

Well I thought since I had been a member for close to 20 years that it would be ignored. But I soon decided to move some funds at Alliant. Lo & behold, I was limited to an ACH of $250 per day. I needed to move $500, and it took 2 days.

So my anger began to grow. This morning I called to find out how long until I could do a regular transfer. I was told that they would remove the probation February 2022. Not going to happen!! I’ll take my money somewhere else.

The nice Agent told me to hold on, he would talk to a Supervisor. Finally he returned and said that they would return my status. So I guess Alliant CU will take a chance on me.

He said “have a nice day”. Once in a while it pays to complain loudly. :slight_smile:


It is October.

Alliant has held constant both our savings and checking interest rates.

There is no change for October.



I can report the following anomaly just encountered a couple of minutes ago:

I disbursed money out of my Alliant checking heading, owing to ACH initiated at Alliant, to Keesler.

The money arrived at Keesler same day and was credited to my Keesler account straightaway.

The money shows, on my Alliant transfer page history of past transfers, as having been disbursed timely, in accord with my instructions.

The money, according to my Alliant online checking account history, shows as remaining in my Alliant checking! The latter some twelve hours after supposedly having been sent to Keesler and actually arriving at Keesler!

Want an explanation? I have none, other than the explanation you already provided, above.

I have noticed similar delays with money being applied to an alliant credit card but still showing in my checking account. I also noticed some changes in billpay (again for an alliant CC). I wonder if they made some back-end changes that are creating some delays.

My ACH transfer of funds into Alliant did arrive today. It’s a sorry situation when when having to wait an extra day for transfers. (I don’t know how @shinobi gets those same day ACH transfers)

I got my Alliant Bill Pay completed today. (and those seem to be taking more days to post also)

Alliant CU complaints keep piling up. :blush:

The checking account debit failure, as reported above in response to @zzz, is ongoing at this late afternoon next day hour. This despite:

I telephoned Alliant this morning, early, to report this failure. Rep checked with the back office and came back saying “not a big deal”, the “money will be debited by this afternoon”, and not to worry.


It is a big deal, and a worry, for me . . . . and it is not anything I ever have encountered prior after countless similar transactions at Alliant over many, many years!!

Alliant is FUBAR. Something there is seriously amiss.


They finally debited my checking, over 24 hours late, with a withdrawal dated today . . . . even though it happened yesterday.

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