Alliant Credit Union

Thanks @shinobi

It arrived later that day so 7 days.

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Sure. Glad your payment made it. It is good information, and a warning for others, to know how long it took to reach your payee.

Heads up:

Alliant Visa Signature card statements closed last evening (evening of the 13th). Go collect your money. :grinning:

I picked up $250 of Alliant rewards this morning, along with over fifty reward bucks at PenFed and $25 in rewards at Citizens Bank. :moneybag:

It’s payday. And with this inflation, every little bit helps. :wink:


@shinobi: I was just wondering…i have a PenFed Power Cash Rewards Card and received an email that if i spend at least $500 by Dec 31 i will get a $50 statement credit…i was wondering if you know whether they do this offer throughout the year on major holiday periods or only at the end of the year?

Sorry unable to shed light. I have not received that offer and have no information on it.

No problem…thanks…i will try getting in touch with them and see if they can enlighten me… lol :laughing:

I just got that identical offer on my USAA card. Never gotten it before.

I feel like it is annual but not every year. I might be mistaken though :slight_smile:

Thanks gremin007…I talked with a PenFed Chat representative…she seemed to think it was usually twice a year…one around June or so…and the other one in November (like the current one)…

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around T-giving time each year. I got the 50.00 offer and bought a 500.00 VGC. last year same

Do you recall getting that offer more than one time during the year? Just Curious… :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you gotten a new offer for November to December like i just received?

The Alliant Visa sweepstakes is underway. You have to opt in. I just did. Here is more:

©2021 Alliant Credit Union. All rights reserved.

Alliant Credit Union Visa® Credit Card Sweepstakes – Official Rules: Sweepstakes entry is not transferable and only applies to the person who receives and accepts this offer. Alliant employees, Alliant board members, or Alliant family members are not eligible. No purchase necessary. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning.

To participate, cardholder must opt in to the Sweepstakes by submitting your name and the email tied to your Alliant account within the Opt-In section of Alliant’s contest entry page by December 31, 2021.

To earn entries:

** One entry into the “Alliant Credit Union Visa Credit Card Sweepstakes” is earned by opting into the sweepstakes. Only one opt-in entry per credit card account is permitted.*
** One additional entry is earned with each qualifying purchase transaction between the sweepstakes period of November 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021.*

    • Alliant Platinum Cardholders – Will earn two entries per transaction if the total spend is $1,000 or greater during the sweepstakes period.*
    • Alliant Platinum Rewards Cardholders – Will earn two entries per transaction if the total spend is $2,500 or greater during the sweepstakes period.*
    • Alliant Cashback Visa Signature Cardholders – Will earn two entries per dining transaction where the following merchant codes apply: 5462 (Bakeries) 5499 (Misc Food Stores, Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets) 5812 (Eating Places and Restaurants) 5813 (Drinking Places (Bars Taverns Nightclubs Cocktail Lounges) 5814 (Fast Food Restaurants). Transactions from all other qualifying merchants will count as one entry.*

If cardholders transfer to a different Alliant credit card product after entering the sweepstakes, the entries earned for the entire duration of the sweepstakes will be calculated using the card type (i.e. Platinum, Platinum Rewards, or Signature) held as of 5:00pm CST on 12/31/21.No entries are earned for balance transfers, cash advances, fees, finance charges, ATM transactions, inter-link processed transactions, purchases of and any fees paid towards gift cards, pre-paid cards, re-loadable cards, purchases of payment instruments that can readily be converted to cash (for example travelers’ cheques, money orders, wire transfers, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off track betting, wagers) or impermissible purchases such as purchases made for business purposes.

Any returns that are applied during the promo period for the full amount of the original purchase will eliminate the corresponding entry.

To enter the Sweepstakes without signing up online, Alliant Visa credit cardholders can mail in a letter with their name, Alliant account number, and name of Sweepstakes (Alliant Credit Union – Visa Credit Card Sweepstakes) to Alliant Credit Union, Alliant Visa Credit Card Sweepstakes, Attn: Marketing Department, PO Box 66945, Chicago, IL 60666-0945. After entering the Sweepstakes, cardholders can earn one additional entry for each additional letter they mail in. Write-in entries must be postmarked between November 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021, and received by January 8, 2022.

Odds of winning are dependent upon the total number of qualified entries received in each Sweepstakes.

Three winners will be randomly selected and notified by phone and or email on or around January 31, 2022: One winner from the Signature cardholders, one winner from the Platinum cardholders and one winner for the Platinum Rewards cardholders. Each winner will have their card balance as of December 31, 2021, paid by Alliant up to $5,000. (If the balance on the card is $1,000, we will pay $1,000, etc.)

Winner must have an open membership account in good standing, an open credit card in good standing and a valid phone number and email address on file at Alliant. Winners need not be present at the time of the drawing to win. The prize amount received will be reflected on the cardholder’s card statement following the receipt of a completed Release & Acceptance of Prize form and IRS form W-9. The prize amount received is considered as taxable income and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT.

The winning prize amount will not satisfy any minimum payment obligation on the account unless the prize amount satisfies the entire current balance due. If the prize amount exceeds the balance of the card at the time of payout, the net amount will be deposited into the primary savings account.

Alliant reserves the right to revoke and/or substitute the prize. Prize is not transferable. Winner has 30 days after being contacted of the award to sign and return a Release & Acceptance of Prize form and IRS form W-9 to claim the prize. After 30 days, an alternate winner will be selected by a subsequent random drawing. Selections are final.

Acceptance of the prize, except where prohibited, constitutes authorization to use the winner’s first name and last initial in Alliant’s website, social media, promotional materials and newsletters without compensation. To learn who won, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Alliant Credit Union – Visa Credit Card Sweepstakes, Attn: Marketing Department, PO Box 66945, Chicago, IL 60666-0945. This drawing is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations. All terms and conditions of Alliant products apply. Void where prohibited. Contact Alliant for more information. Visa® is not a sponsor of this Sweepstakes.


I missed that IRS part at first. So whatever I win will be fully taxed.

Oh, well. Still a good deal, I guess. Just not as good as tax free. :cry:

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btw the 50.00 credit was applied the next day!

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only got 1 offer for 50.00 spend 500. Bought a VGC for 505.95, paid bill, and now have a 50.00 credit!. Only offer I for this year.

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Thanks…i had a feeling it was just once at the end of the year…

Good news:

Alliant interest rates, for both savings and checking, have held. :slightly_smiling_face:


For those curious, I have sent an inquiry on when Alliant’s next annual meeting of members is planned. I will update the thread when I hear back.

Given the brouhaha from last year over closed accounts, at the very least, I’m interested in seeing what might be on the agenda for this year’s meeting.


Is anyone else seeing October transaction data in the mobile app? Freaked me out at first early this AM.

For those waiting with bated breath… I have not yet received a response from Alliant on when the next annual meeting of members is scheduled. The contracted phone reps were clueless, so I sent another secure message asking the question with the hopes of reaching an actual Alliant employee.

In other Alliant annoyances, my wife’s debit card still hasn’t arrived after requesting a replacement for the one that was stolen over 14 days ago. I noticed that just yesterday, a prompt appeared in online banking asking me to activate the card. That makes me wonder whether they sent it two weeks ago and are wondering why it wasn’t activated, or if they just sent it yesterday. I will cut them slack if it’s the former given the current state of the USPS and the time of year. However, if it’s the later, I think it’s time to finally dump Alliant and move my savings elsewhere.

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Still no response from Alliant on the annual meeting of members.

I originally posted about my wife’s replacement debit card on the “best customer service” thread, but I thought it would be more relevant to add this data point here. Alliant’s replacement card finally came today, December 28. It was requested the morning of December 2.

Needless to say, this wasn’t very impressive. I’m not sure if their credit card has a similar turnaround time, but at least for their debit card, it took 26 days to get a replacement.