Alliant Credit Union

Good news:

New month. New year. But Alliant has held steady our APYs for both savings and checking.


An unanticipated outcome for me at Alliant:

I set up several ACH transfers over the weekend. These were scheduled to take place today, and I expected the funds to be in my Alliant account tomorrow, Tuesday, morning.

Such ACH transfers as these customarily have a noon CT cutoff and show as completed an hour or two after that. I just checked and . .

The ACH transfers I scheduled for today continue to be reported as scheduled, not completed. Hope my money will be at Alliant tomorrow morning as always has happened in the past (overnight ACH service). Really am uncertain what is happening. Has Alliant degraded their ACH service now that we are in 2022? I dunno.

Yes, It’s happening to me also.

I set up a couple Alliant ACH transfers this morning and as you mentioned, they haven’t moved. Now I expect to see the funds in Alliant CU Savings Account tomorrow. I’m thinking :thinking:, what’s going on?

So we will see!!

Hopefully the money arrives tomorrow as expected.

My last transfer (a pull), submitted 12/29, completed without incident on 12/30. But I did not check on the status during the day.


It is now four hours since my post above and all of my funds, each separate ACH, are now showing correctly as having been received.

I think everything is OK, although apparently Alliant was having trouble earlier with their ACH mechanism, causing a processing delay.

I hope there is no repeat of this sort of thing, but my earlier concerns about a change to Alliant’s overnight ACH service have for now been put to rest.

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Hope all works out for you!

I did 2 transfers today through alliant from 1 CU and 1 bank. Both processed when I checked late in the day. (Unsure of time but it would have been after the cut off time you cited).

Not sure this is helpful but wanted to pass along a recent data point.

All is well!

Must have been a big run of all the folks on Alliant CU. First of the month, New year. To much to handle…

I’m thinking :thinking:, my location is in the West and the clearance of the records didn’t happen until after 7pm here. Might have been a little earlier, I just checked my account around that time.

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Agreed. But I can elaborate on my earlier data point. I believe it is rather likely Alliant ran into an ACH delay yesterday. Here is why I’m saying that:

I scheduled four separate ACH funds movements over the weekend, all to be initiated at Alliant. For three of the four: no data. But that fourth ACH involved Ally Bank and Ally shares lots of information with its customers.

In particular Ally date and time stamps all withdrawals, allowing the account holder to see exactly what is happening. For example:

When I do an ACH pull on Ally, initiated at Keesler, the funds are gone from Ally the same day, leaving between five and six o’clock pm ET. I also get same day crediting at Keesler, so same day ACH exists between those two institutions.

Alliant is slightly different. Alliant ACH funds movements typically hit Ally at roughly three o’clock am ET, give or take. This is next day ACH because the funds are credited at Alliant next day and stop earning interest at Ally next day as well.

But this past weekend’s ACH pull by Alliant, on Ally, did not hit Ally until several hours after the usual and customary time. It was still next day, of course. But it was not the usual middle of the night debiting. So I’m thinking Alliant ran their Monday ACH work later than usual. And that is borne out by what we all were seeing in our accounts.

Something happened. Might certainly have been the “big run” as postulated by pattyb53. Or it could have been a system glitch. Whatever it was, all is now well. Hope it does not happen again.

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I finally decided to set up the checking account this quarter so I can use the Visa Signature next quarter. To meet the High Yield Checking direct deposit requirement, there’s no minimum amount for the monthly direct deposit, right? Does it matter if the DD was pushed by another institution or pulled by Alliant? I don’t think so based on my reading, but wanted to double check.


I don’t think it matters. However, I have always done a monthly pull.

Great card. $250 into my pocket every month just like clockwork.


Now hold on. Doesn’t DD mean direct deposit? How can a direct deposit be pulled? At least one inquiring mind wants to know.

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I used the wrong term. The actual term for this account is “Electronic Deposit”:

My question is whether the transfers from another institution must be pushes or can be pulls.

To be safe, I would recommend you push from the other FI.

(I use as primary checking so I have “real DDs” already and do not know for sure).

Can’t resist … de-blur at your own risk. :slight_smile:

So your asking about ED and not double D’s. Sorry can’t help. :blush:

Congratulations!!! :blush:

I don’t think you are as old as you say :laughing:


Time to cash in

Alliant has just posted our reward dollars for the latest Alliant Visa Signature statement closings. The more quickly you claim your dough the sooner it will appear in your Alliant account. I just picked up a bit over $250. That’ll help to pay some bills for sure.

Life is good when the money is rolling in. :grinning:


I realize this is off topic but i wonder if anyone on the thread has a Connexus Cu debit card and would be willing to try a little experiment for me?

I have a Connexus CUaccount. Mine is a Money Mkt account .85%. I’m using it more as a savings with a pretty decent rate.

No debit card.

I have that too Patty but also have the Checking so i do have the debit card…
I guess you don’t have an atm card from them either…

If anyone out there does…please let me know… :slightly_smiling_face:

shinobi, just a simple question on the Alliant sig visa. I had this when it was 2.5% for the first year and then canceled it when the fee hit. BUT how do you do 10k monthly w/o Alliant raising eyebrows? Stock trades or finance stuff? Because I have churned the Discover MIles (3%) on anything for the first year. I canceled my 3rd Miles card last month after receiving 2800.00 in cash back, even during Covid. Other years were more. They even have a 100.00 referral on top of the 3% (DOC)They don’t care about Vanilla Gift card purchases online in the 6k range (look out for their no-fee sales) I can liquidate them In grocery stores. And Secure Spend cards in groceries and CVS are a great play too with this card. So this would be better and no record keeping. Just wait 12 months for the other 1.5%. I’m applying again in March when I think Covid should be lessened around NY State/Ct. I have the regular Disc with the 5% cats. You can only have 2 Discover cards. But how Alliant works is a puzzle to me. And with my family’s 3 OBC cards I will be quite busy. OBC requires 6500 before hitting 5% in GGD. (Max 65500 yearly)had these cards for 5 years and Amex never questioned the 1500 or 2k purchases every few days with a few grocery, drug items thrown in!!