Amex Offers Thread

They did last year after I downgraded one of my cards.

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I asked several times. They said I could not get 3% on groceries since it’s the same card.

Did you apply for another card or downgrade an existing card?

If you got 6% up to 6K, and then 3% up to 6K the same calendar year with the same card, I find that very surprising.

If you haven’t hit the $6K when you switch, you can continue to earn 3% until you hit $6K.

It doesn’t matter what the CSR says. That’s how the system is programmed.

I have 2 cards, which I alternate upgrading/downgrading.

I already hit the 1% rate before I downgraded, so I already reached the $6K limit with Preferred. After the downgraded, I earned 3%.

However, 3% grocery is not that interesting, since there are other cards with the same or higher rate.

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I checked with another rep. who assured me I will be getting 3% on groceries.

Thanks for the info which helped me check again.

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Bank of the West has unlimited 3% on groceries. Citi CustomCash has grocery as an eligible 5% category, up to $500/month.

The NFCU Amex I plan to switch to in September is unlimited 3% on groceries, dining, gas and transit.

I’ll be testing the Amex Everyday to see if I get 3%.

Tested Amex and called again. They are not giving me 3% on groceries because they say I hit the $6K limit on the card.

So I won’t be using the card, but the benefit of switching is no annual fee and I got a $15 refund for the existing annual fee. I’ll just hold the card until I get a bonus offer to upgrade to the Preferred. Last time it took nine months.

I will switch to the NFCU Amex in September because it’s no credit check or application.

Does the transaction show you the actual reward amount for it, or did you call Amex to check how much you’re going to get?


The latest purchase shows 3%.

I called and chatted.

They don’t know what they’re doing at Amex. Their reps are completely full of misinformation and there’s problems with the site as well showing wrong info.


That’s not a surprise, and not just at Amex. I don’t bother contacting the companies unless I cannot figure it out myself or through other sources (based on actual user experience).


Two recent purchases show at 3% so I guess it’s okay now. Thanks for the info.

Amex already offered me an upgrade to the Preferred card with a $75 bonus for $1K spending in 3 months. That’s one week after I downgraded it.

With or without the annual fee waiver? Even with the waiver, seems a bit low.

No fee waiver.

I miss the FWF Amex massive bonus days. What’s the best Amex deal no AF these days? (i’ve maxed out on Chase, BOA)