Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Probably not if you call it a closed membership. You may want to call it paused or suspended. At least that might plant a seed in the rep’s head. If you get the right rep, they may work to reactivate or un-pause your account.

It can’t hurt to try.

Start here …

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I figure the fintechs will have “the basics” fdic q: is what really happens if sh*t hits the fan compared to traditional banks etc.


This all but knocked me off my chair! I follow liquid money and CD events to the best of my ability, here and elsewhere. I have NEVER BEFORE run across anyone closing a Keesler account. It is one of the best in the USA, and a HUGE moneymaker for me personally.

My best counsel at this point, which has changed:

Move heaven and earth in an effort to have your Keesler membership reinstated. I cannot suggest specifics. But at the least you want to speak with the highest ranking person there you can reach. If it were me, and if I ran into roadblocks at lower levels, I would certainly contact, and appeal to, the president of Keesler. Grovel if necessary.

I have an Alliant account and a computer. That is pretty much all a person needs easily to run “keep alives” on financial institutions. I am personally keeping alive between twenty and thirty such memberships. Most are fallow and unproductive. But you never know when a membership will begin to produce income. It has happened to me a number of times, always unforeseeable and unpredicted. However, I would never put Keesler into that large group. It has been a “no brainer” from day one. I make thousands of dollars there. The notion of resigning my Keesler membership . . well . . they would have to threaten me first with serious bodily injury. I always figure the next Keesler special deal is right around the corner.

Also and finally, not that this is alone in any way determinative, but Ken Tumin gives Keesler an “A+” rating. It’s like the cherry atop one of the great credit union experiences in the USA.

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Thank you, Shinobi! Good news! It turns out they never closed my Keesler account. So I am back in business.

Now - if I open the HIMMA+ with a large amount of money, will there be a problem getting the money out? I seem to recall issues with wire transfers, notarys, maybe even the requirement that I go to a branch (I live 2000 miles away). Can any one comment on moving large amounts out of Keesler?

No problem moving $$’s out of HIMMA+. Transferring money at Keesler is handled so easily.
Shin got me interested in Keesler some time ago & I’m very thankful.


All easy peasy here, as well. To open Himma+:

  1. Move funds to Keesler share account (I prefer ACH, but your choice)
  2. On the day that your funds hit the share account, phone Keesler to open the Himma+.
    a. The reason for this is that Himma+s require “new” funds. I’ve heard a couple of different definitions the timeframe to consider funds as “new”, so I monitor the transfer and call on the day they hit.
  3. Set a reminder in your tickler file to do something with the funds in 6 months, when the bonus expires.

ETA: Almost forgot - to close Himma+ or withdraw funds:

  1. Phone to close the account, moving the funds into your share account (for me this this been practically instantaneous).
  2. ACH funds to your target of choice.

Thanks Patty.

If I want to move money out of Keesler entirely are there dollar limits of how much I can move out?

I’ve never tried to push, buy I’ve ACH pulled mid-five figures without a hitch.

Oh, and congrats on still having the account.


You can see how happy we all are with our HIMMA+ accounts.
For me, it’s a holding place with a decent % rate. If something better comes along, I could withdraw large portions or the whole amount.

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It’s really easy to verify FDIC membership. The issue with FinTechs is that there is no FDIC insurance until they sweep your deposit into the insured third-party deposit account. And there’s little you can do to know when/if that happens.


that’s what the “catch” is, safety during their float… So not really 100% safe…

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Congrats!! I’m happy for you. You’re in the tall alfalfa now with access to the best liquid money account in the USA. Some people are even using HIMMA Plus as a bridge for their CD funds, since it is uncapped.

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Thanks everyone. More questions about the HIMMA+… is the rate locked for 6 months, or is only the 1% guaranteed and the other part changes? (In other words are you all earning 1.4% or does it depend on when you opened the account?)

Also, can I keep adding money? I assume so.

What is locked for six months with HIMMA Plus is the sweet 1% bonus. The overall rate can change as the HIMMA rate itself changes . . . if it does.

You can follow HIMMA rates here:


Note the HIMMA Plus rates, also provided there, are always 1% higher.

You can certainly continue to add money . . . or move it out. It’s a liquid account.

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Customers Bank business interest checking drops from 1.00% to 0.50% on April 20th.

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Despite this, I’ve been very impressed with Customers Bank.

They had a great rate with a great lock, they’ve been slower than most of the banks to lower their rate, and although I didn’t see this notice - they have usually been good about communicating the drops.

They’re behind T-Mobile, right? I wonder if that’ll fall also.