Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Do you have a link or more info on this keybank offer?

HMBradley going to invite only: Consumer Fintech HMBradley Switches to Invite Only Amid Explosive Demand for Its Checking Account

It seems that they grew too fast and they need additional partner banks to handle the influx of cash they are receiving.


easy to find. Just Google Key bank 200 offer. Not all states. Im in NYState.

[AK, CO, CT, ID, IN, MA, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, PA, UT, VT, or WA] Keybank $200 Checking Bonus - Doctor Of Credit

DoC website has a list of all nationally available and regionally available bank account bonuses with nice write-ups with specific information for each one.


Is this good or just a ploy? Im not sure. I have my DD of SS deposited in their monthl, and am at Tier S 3.50 % on over 70k. Lasted for 8 months so far. BUT I do not have a DD of 2500 starting 8/1. My SS is 2100. So according to new terms I will drop to 3%. But still great. I get a pension from NYPD but their system for DD is from 1970’s. Can not change banks online and not worth the trip in person to pension bureau from my abode in upstate NY.

My email from HMB doesn’t say anything about the size of the required direct deposit changing on 8/1.

Can you post a quote from what you see?

it was an email about 2 months ago. If you have the Bradley CC and make 100.00 monthly charge, you got 3.5% in your regular acct Tier S. as long as you have a DD. But beginning 8/1 your DD has to be 2500.00 or you go back to Tier 1 at 3.0%. Can not find the email but you can call.

OK - thanks. I do see that. So that confirms my decision to not bother with the credit card.