Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Patriot up to 1.30%

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Ally Bank has jumped their Online Savings APY to 1.00%.

They are late and must have been experiencing significant outflows of money, including mine.


Slightly off topic, but might be of interest (pun intended) -
Now that we have yields for bonds, money market funds are interesting again:

7 day SEC yield 1.35%

7 day SEC yield 0.97%
For high tax states:
U.S. Govt. Obligations 10.20%
U.S. Treasury Bills 89.80%

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Bread High Yield Savings was 1.15% now 1.65%
Capital One Online Savings was 0.90% now 1.00%
All America Bank Mega Money Market was 0.85% now 1.35%
Redneck Bank Mega Money Market was 0.85% now 1.35%
Synchrony High Yield Savings was 0.85% now 1.10%
Customers Bank Ascent Money Market Savings was 0.75% now 1.00%
Betterment Cash Reserve was 0.75% now 1.10%
Dollar Savings Direct Savings was 0.75% now 1.00%
Connect One Bank Savings was 0.70% now 1.00%


Formerly known as Comenity Direct, apparently.

Barclays 1.10%

new leader?

was just getting ready to jump when I saw my last statement. might still go to bask for 50bps more…

60bps now

Bread by Comenity Direct and First Foundation are both 1.65%

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SoFi 1.25% → 1.5% :+1:


If anyone cares, I have an update on how this works with Wealthfront. There’s no way to do a manual account link for accounts that it recognizes. However, when the automatic link is performed (by supplying the online login for the other institution), it actually creates two kinds of “links” at the same time:

  1. The first “link” is purely for visibility of your external account balances, similar to how other account aggregators do this (I’m guessing, since I don’t use any). This link requires to be maintained, i.e. if you change your password for the other institution, you’ll have to provide the new password to Wealthfront. You can see all these links by clicking your name in the top right corner to get the Profile menu, then the “Linked accounts” menu item.
  2. The second “link” enables the ACH transfers. You can get to these accounts by clicking your profile, then Settings, then selecting an account under “My Accounts” – the accounts will be listed under “Bank accounts enabled for transfer”.

The good news: you can “unlink” them separately – unlinking the “Linked account” (#1) does not automatically remove the ACH link (#2).

SoFi wasn’t first, but the fact they followed the industry trend of high interest accounts raising rates in a timely manner has me happy enough not to concern myself with opening any new accounts for rate chasing purposes. Getting that rate in a checking account with no hoops to jump through is worth the almost highest rate out there.

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I thought there was a hoop - direct deposit required?

True. But super easy hoop since there is no minimum dollar amount. I think I DD’d $15 in last month and it triggered.

I would assume you mean a real direct deposit…because ach push ins do not work…


A+ rated BrioDirect has jumped their savings rate to 1.8% APY


A Wells Fargo Business account Direct Pay works. But I went ahead and added SoFi to my real work DD since it seems like they are going to be near the industry high for interest rates.

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Brio Direct High Yield Savings was 1.15% now 1.80%
Prime Alliance Personal Savings was 1.11% now 1.55%
Vio Bank Money Market was 1.03% now 1.30%
Discover AAII Online Savings was 0.95% now 1.05%
American Express High Yield Savings was 0.90% now 1.00%
Discover Online Savings was 0.90% now 1.00%
Valley Direct Savings was 0.90% now 1.25%
Sallie Mae Money Market was 0.90% now 1.20%
Bank Onward Savings was 0.80% now 1.00%
Paramount Interest Checking was 0.75% now 1.00%
FNBO Online Savings was 0.65% now 0.85%
Smarty Pig by Sallie Mae was 0.65% now 1.10%
Personal Capital Cash was 0.65% now 1.40%
My Savings Direct Savings was 0.50% now 0.75%
National Cooperative Bank Impact Money Market was 0.50% now 1.01%
Bank Purely Money Market was 0.50% now 1.30%
Customers Bank High Yield Savings was 0.25% now 0.75%
Zion’s Bank Online Money Market was 0.20% now 0.45%


Wow, what’s up with the weekly rate increases?! Could it actually be competition?

We might have to start updating the wiki again… :smiley: