Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Have they been consistently higher than Alliant? Alliant has a better reputation in some areas. Alliant is also a much smaller credit union, not a big bank. Ally has twelve times the assets of Alliant, thus Ally can take bigger risks. I believe Alliant is acting responsibly, The priority for Alliant is the safety of assets, not the highest interest rate. In the past, they have eventually caught up.

If you need higher interest, you’re going to need a bigger bank.

Pretty much. And now in particular.

I have accounts in both places. New dough is being channeled to Ally.

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Savebetter rep said referral tab to click on for code would be on top of (page after you login)

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I’ve got both Discover and Ally.

I actively used Ally until parts of their website became unfriendly for my browser. Other than that, they were great. Over the course of several years, I interacted with CS a half-dozen times. I was impressed every time. Their rates are decent, and their website was decent when I used them. i’ve still got $5 there in case I have cause to return.

Discover, like Ally, has excellent, U.S. based customer service. Their website may look like it’s from 2003, but it is fast, incredibly easy to navigate, and not chocked full of ads masquerading as “Important News”. The only downside I’ve seen is that their ACH’s don’t seem to be as quick as Ally’s. While I have no hard data to back that up, I’m pretty confident that Ally was much quicker on releasing funds that were pushed to it, or pulled by it.

ETA: Almost forgot - neither require hoop jumping, nor do they have any hassles … at least to me.

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Funds that are pushed from another institution should be available immediately (i.e. as soon as they’re visible in the account, they’re available for withdrawal) at every financial institution. This is certainly true at Discover.

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but @Honkinggoose might be talking more about earning interest than withdrawal availabity. He may be talking about “posted balance” while you are talking about “available balance.” To clarify (and correct me if I am wrong), when an ACH that was pushed from institution 1 is pending at institution 2, it is available, but not posted. Whether or not institution 2 calculates interest on the available balance or posted balance is probably up to that institution and probably isn’t consistent across institutions. But the fact that it is available for withdrawal seems to be pretty consistent.

I like Ally for this as well, but I have switched to SoFi for a few reasons. I would recommend them because of the sign up bonuses and the fact that the checking account earns 2%, not just the savings account. However, If you are doing a lot of scheduled ACHs, Ally is better for that. Can’t speak to Discover. I have those accounts from back when they first offered bonuses, but they were consistently below Ally’s rate back then, so I ignored them.

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Discover depends on the transfer’s counterparty, and the dollar amount. I’ve had some delivered the same day, and others that took 4 days. But they clearly tell you on the last screen before confirming the transfer request - you can edit the dollar amount and see how it changes the expected delivery/availability dates.

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Perhaps I haven’t been paying attention, but I’ve never heard of this. If it’s available it is also posted, because I can instantly transfer it to another interest-bearing account, and its’ supposed status as “not yet posted” would not transfer with it.

I think it can be “posted, but not available.” It can never be “available, but not posted.” Even the new “early paycheck” feature available at many banks now (SoFi, Discover, CapOne, etc) is available 2 days early, and it should be earning interest since I can instantly transfer it to another bank using Zelle.

Sure it can, I have pending transactions all the time that affect my account’s available funds, that dont post until that night or the following day.

Now if you are using “posted” in terms of showing as a line in your account history, and not meaning actually posted, then yes, it is far more unusual to see a higher available balance without a corresponding transaction appearing in your account history.


I realize some transactions can be pending, but we are talking specifically about ACH pushes (deposits initiated by another institution). Can they ever be “pending”? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

I have a couple ACH deposits “pending” in one of my accounts right now. Arrived this AM, and wont post until tonight’s batch although the funds are available. They’re from a third party, but that shouldnt make a difference.


You are absolutely right. They never try to hide anything or change the rules in mid-transfer. I had gotten accustomed to Ally being incredibly quick to pull from and push to. I find pushing to Discover, and pushing from Discover seems to take longer than Ally.

Also, if you are using Discover to pull or push, they adjust the transfer speed depending upon the dollar amount of the transfer. IIRC, under 14k pushes may go same day, but over 14k may take 4 days. My memory sometimes fails me though.

Also where you are pushing to/pulling from. If it’s a newly linked account or one you havent used much, those dollar limits tend to be lower.

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Northpointe Bank Savings was 2.15% now 2.45%
Northpointe Bank MM was 2.15% now 2.45%
Rising Bank Savings was 2.10% now 2.20%
CIBC Bank Savings was 2.08% now 2.32%
Lending Club Savings was 2.07% now 2.15%
Colorado Savings Bank Savings was 1.75% now 2.00%
American Express Savings was 1.75% now 1.90%


mph Bank MM was 2.02% now 2.75%
Alliant CU Savings was 1.70% now 1.80%


New leader, jumping the gun before the impending FOMC rate increase:
DollarSavingsDirect 2.0% → 3.0%.

ETA: just a reminder that DollarSavingsDirect, EmigrantDirect, and MySavingsDirect are all part of the same bank, but they don’t all change their rates at the same time, and sometimes not at all. Such silly games are part of the reason I closed my account 11 years ago. 3% may be the or near the lead for a few weeks, but IMO not worth opening a new account if you don’t already have one.


Other updates:

Vio Cornerstone MM was 2.22% now 2.30%
Rising Bank Savings was 2.20% now 2.35%
Citizen’s Bank Savings was 2.10% now 2.35%
Synchrony Bank Savings was 2.05% now 2.15%
Capital One Savings was 1.90% now 2.00%


All America Bank MM was 2.25% now 2.50%
Redneck Bank MM was 2.25% now 2.50%
Lending Club Savings was 2.15% now 2.25%
Brio Direct Savings was 2.15% now 2.61%


Even though I had closed all of my accounts, my online banking info allowed me to log in and open this savings account. The linked checking account was no longer open, so I funded using my Discover checking account info and will need to send in a check for $1 before I can ACH $ in. As the post on notes, DSD does not permit ACH pulls from outside banks.