Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

4-week T-Bill 4.446% → 4.558% APR (4.655% APY)



This sounds like a good deal. Has or is anyone doing this? I suppose the $100 is not credited until after the 90 days, which looks like 100 days (because it says 90 days after 10 day funding period).

Amex Savings is at 3.30% with no minimum, no maximum on withdrawals, no limit on withdrawals. Alas, no bonus offer at this time although there was one recently.

You can keep it closer to 90 days than 100 days by funding it near the end of the 10-day funding period. For example, you can sign up this 1/22 Sun, but fund it only on 1/30 Mon. Then keep the money there for 90 days (start counting from 2/1).


Thanks. Does Marcus have a savings account withdrawal limit?

You mean the 6-withdrawal per month limit? No, they removed it.

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You are correct & I missed that as I assumed it was the same as the 1-2022 offer but I was wrong

RE:"…maintain at least $10,000 of those new funds, plus your existing balance as of 12 am ET on the day you enrolled, in your account for 90 consecutive days after the 10-day Funding Period. Enroll by 2/15/23."

I have this from the 1-2022 offer
Must deposit within 10 calendar days of enrollment, and maintain at least $10,000 of those newfunds, plus your existing balance as of 12 am ET on the day you enrolled, in your account for 90funds, 90consecutive days. Enroll by 2/16/22.

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The Marcus offer is very clear on what you need to do :laughing:


Vio Cornerstone MM was 4.01% now 4.17%
Brilliant Bank Savings was 4.01% now 4.30%


re: Marcus… The 3.3 % they pay now and you get the 100.00 for 90 days. To me the 100.00/90-day thing is 33.00 per month which equals 4% PLUS the 3.3 % for the 90 days =7.3%. ? Correct me if I’m wrong.


Yes, 7.3% is in the ballpark for the $10k for 90 days at Marcus.


We’ve talked about the different money market funds from Fidelity before (SPRXX, FZDXX, etc.), but here is great explanation (from on what I think is one of the best features at Fidelity - they will auto-sell certain funds for you to cover trades and withdrawals.

Good article on Money Market Funds @ Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, Merrill :

Fidelity offers additional money market funds for manual purchases. These other money market funds are “semi-automatic” at Fidelity. You must buy them manually but Fidelity will automatically sell them when your core fund is insufficient to cover your withdrawals and trades. This is unique to Fidelity. Both Vanguard and Charles Schwab require manual selling for “purchased” money market funds.


so with Fido they’re like Core. the return 4+% is awesome for liquid. surprised it’s not making the news more. Is it b/c there is SOME risk? or maybe expense of .3%?

Did you read the article :smile:?

The only real risk I can think of is that the yield is not guaranteed and changes all the time, so you just have to keep an eye on it. In theory it should stay close to the short-term treasury yields, and those don’t move too quickly.


TLDR, but will do! .3% seems fair, esp when it was yield was .01 not too long ago.
I guess I can watch the Fed rate news too.

But again great use of cash position in brokerage accts. and rates would be in tandem with savings if they drop too

Here is the SPRXX link w/ the “7-Day Yield” of @ 4.15% as of 1/22/23. That rate includes all expenses.

SPRXX’s rate seems to track the 28 day T-Bill rate minus @ 5-7%.

Composition / Holdings are here - and are mostly Treasury Repo Agmts, Commercial Paper, and CDs, with the vast majority of it maturing with in 7 days, so that helps it track Fed Funds rate changes pretty quickly (we’ll see for sure on February 1st).

If you’ve got $100k or more, the big brother to SPRXX is FZDXX which compared to SPRXX, gives you @ a 3% better rate (4.27% as of 1/22/23).


very cool. I wish other banks did this tracker. USbank does for CC’s

New rate leader:

Republic Bank MM was 4.28% now 4.37%


Tab Bank Savings was 3.64% now 4.06%


Not sure if anyone is still using Presidential Bank’s Reward Checking account(Advantage Checking). I am and noticed they raised the rates starting tomorrow - up to 25k pays 4.25%(was 4.00%) and over 25k pays 3.25%(up from 3.00%).