Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Effective March 10:
Ally Savings: 3.40 → 3.60%.
Ally MM: 3.50 → 3.80%.


Brilliant Bank Savings was 4.30% now 4.65%
Continental Bank Savings(via SaveBetter) was 3.65% now 4.41%


Bask Bank, 4.25% to 4.35% APY .


UFB Direct Savings was 4.55% now 5.02%
UFB Direct MM was 4.55% now 5.02%
CFG Bank MM was 4.55% now 4.70%
American First CU MM(via SaveBetter) was 4.30% now 4.48%


they seem to be really good about raising rates. In the past year, Mysavingsdirect is now 4.38% They have raised my savings rate 5x. mysavingsdirect is now at 4.38%. UFB for the first time ever has raised the int on the MM acct to 5.02% w/o giving it another name and making the customer apply for another acct. Just saw this today!! Good for them. negative feedback on DOC probably worked and other sites too. I have 4 UFB accts with lower rates. I’m xferring into to this MM acct.

Western Alliance Bank Savings(via SaveBetter) was 4.45% now 4.50%
Citizen’s Bank Savings was 4.00% now 4.25%
USAlliance Financial Savings was 3.75% now 4.25%
Virtual Bank MM was 3.30% now 3.87%


The Atlantic FCU MM was 4.40% now 4.50%
Vio Bank MM was 4.30% now 4.40%
First Foundation Bank Savings was 4.20% now 4.50%
CIT Bank Savings Connect was 4.05% now 4.20%
Lending Club Savings was 4.00% now 4.25%


It’s comforting to know that banks are still raising rates even though short-term T-Bills took a bit of a dive and there are questions about the FED’s next move.


Some constraints on these rates.

The fed funds rate is 4.6%.

The 7 day yield of the Fidelity, premium money market fzdxx is 4.47%

There’s always a lag to the increases. Only an unexpected Fed rate cut would interrupt that process.

That’s the 7 day yield as of 2/28. It’s an infinitesimal difference but the current 7-day yield is 4.46%, or at least that is what it shows in my brokerage account.

The reason I mention it is that with the volatility we’ve seen recently, it’s possible that some funds might have a more notable, lower yield than what is showing on Fidelity’s fact sheet.

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Wow! I bought a bit yesterday and just saw today’s yield. 8-week T-Bill is still OK compared to FZDXX.

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This is a Rewards Checking account, so I know it is of limited interest to many. But First Financial Bank has raised their rate to 6% on balances up to $15k. Last I knew, it was at 2%. Requires 12 debit purchases/month.

Not sure if it’s really worth opening a new account for given the low maximum, but it’s consistently been one of the better RCAs for over a decade.


CFG Bank MM was 4.70% now 4.80%
Western Alliance Bank Savings(via SaveBetter) was 4.50% now 4.55%
Lemmata Savings Bank MM(via SaveBetter) was 4.25% now 4.55%
Bask Bank Savings was 4.35% now 4.45%
Discover AAII Savings was 3.55% now 3.65%
Discover Savings was 3.50% now 3.60%
American Express Savings was 3.50% now 3.75%


New account offering from CIT Bank: Platinum Savings 4.40% requires 5k minimum balance.

Platinum Savings | CIT Bank


Total Direct Bank MM new rate leader 5.05%

Other Updates:
Vio Bank MM was 4.40% now 4.50%
Patriot Bank MM(via SaveBetter) was 4.30% now 4.60%
Bread Financial Savings was 4.25% now 4.50%
All America Bank MM was 4.25% now 4.55%
Redneck Bank MM was 4.25% now 4.55%
Sallie Mae MM was 3.75% now 3.80%
Sallie Mae Savings was 3.65% now 3.70%
Colorado Savings Bank Savings was 3.05% now 3.75%



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Thanks @xerty!

CFG Bank MM was 4.80% now 5.02%
Merchants Bank of Indiana MM was 4.34% now 4.50%
Western Alliance Bank Savings(via SaveBetter) was 4.55% now 4.75%


Ally increasing rates again…
Savings: 3.60% → 3.75%
MM: 3.80% → 4.00%
starting on 03/24/2023


For those of you buying 4 week Treasuries – what are your plans now that even with CA tax taken into account, the 4 week is worse that the top bank accounts?