Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

Apparently 3 points == 3 cents for cash back redemption via their rewards portal but has to be done in $25 increments.

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Is there some place it says that?

It’s three points per dollar spent, no question. But I’m unable to find the value of each point stated anywhere.

Points most often are worth 1¢ each. But not always.

I’m basing that on the discussion here I just applied for it. If I am approved, I’ll let you know. Looks promising.


I have to think the BofA loss leader is more sustainable than a small CU. I guess you should milk it while you can, though.

i would be wary? What are the areas that do NOT get 3% and its a small CU. The Fico forum dates back 6 months. id stick with Discover 3% for first year and they dont give a hoot what you buy and where. Family is working on 3rd Discover miles and we dont care about the 1 year wait.

For churning Chase card bonuses though, needing to apply to a new Discover card every year is not optimal since that’d waste 2 applications out of the 5 per 2 year period. So a card that would get you 3% on all purchases with no limits would be better.

Aside from making sure there is really no earning cap on the 3 pt per $ rewards, I’d also want to make sure what is implied by “qualifying purchases”.

the application’s are for my 2 sons and wife 1 app per year. As far as MS… never a problem in “grocery store purchases.” not blip in all 3% cards (Discover) received about 3800.00 on 3 cards in rewards AFTER gift card fees. Was a heavy hitter till virus. Also family had old blue cash Amex cards (2)

Amex Blue Cash Preferred offers $300 cash back for $3000 spending in your first 6 months.

6% rewards for groceries (to $6K per year), 6% on select U.S. streaming subscriptions. 3% gas, 1% everything else.

Annual fee is $0 for first year, then $95 a year.

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