Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

I don’t think so.

Transfer your high-rate debt to a Mountain America credit card by March 31, 2021, and we’ll give you 3% cash back on the transferred amount

I think they’re saying that if do the above referenced BT and if they make this offer again, you can’t partake until after 2022.


It’s not a bonus, it’s a rebate.

Do they have a balance transfer fee? If so, this could just offset the fee.
If no balance transfer fee, this could be a good deal.
Their calculate the bonus feature on their website seems to have no dollar limit.
If looks like one could do a transfer to them, pay it off, and then do another in the same year, for a second bonus.
Then next year one might do another transfer from a different lender.
Anyone know what limits they give, and how hard it is to become a member?

3% rewards from SF Fire CU Visa for a short period starting March 19th until early May.

These deals come along every year or two and you can extend them by paying ahead on insurance, cellphone, internet, etc.

It’s a no fee card which is normally 1% cash back.

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At least I assume this must be a repost. Someone else surely has already posted this deal. And I want fully to credit that other poster . . . . if only I knew who you were. Meanwhile:

Bank of America is offering a $200 bonus on a Visa card I like if you spend a thousand bucks within the first 90 days. This is a quick way to pick up a couple hundred bucks.

$200 B of A online cash rewards bonus

I like this card because I already am operating the Mastercard version of the very same card, from B of A. Today I garnered my first $75 for 2021. OK, you sniff at my $300/year reward based on 3% of $2500 every quarter . . . which is all I ever spend. $300 here and $300 there and . . . well . . . you keep on doing that and it eventually adds up.

I figure if you operate two of these cards, one Visa and one Mastercard, now you have $600/year at that same 3% reward rate. The $200 bonus? Nice, but merely a one shot, one time cash infusion. The larger money is in the rewards . . . year after year after year.

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Credit Karma now updates the TransUnion credit score and report daily.

Equifax continues weekly.

Most cards report once a month so it’s not a big difference.

You can see the credit card report date in the Credit Card Use section.

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Unless if you have 20+ cards as most of us here do… :slight_smile:


The attractiveness of the BOA Cash cards is highest if you have the right preferred status ($100,000 with Merril). The Komen cards give similar rewards, and a little for breast cancer, and you may be able to get both. With a wife you might have 4 cards and by picking categories right, earn more.

Unless you align your 20+ cards to close around the same date as many of us do…

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Still not a big difference even if you have 20+ cards. They report once a month.

Very pleased

I was just approved instantly for this card with a $13K credit line (which I don’t need). Waited to apply until today so I could pay off another card, thereby boosting my score by almost 100 points. For anyone else interested in this deal, which includes the $200 bonus, there is a wrinkle. The link I provided above has gone dead. I found this new link

Bank of America $200 bonus deal with 3% reward on $2500/quarter

which got me the deal.

Together with my existing Mastercard version of this same B of A card, I’m now set up to earn $600/year in rewards at the 3% rate. 3% reward opportunities are not growing on trees. I’m happy to have this card, a “cash cow” for sure.

And if you transferred a $100k IRA of index funds to Merrill Edge, you’d get 5.25% cash back instead of 3%, but you don’t seem to want to do that.

Considering what you used to do with your cards, it seems weird to call $600/year a cash cow. But it’s all relative I guess.

First, I do not even have a $100K IRA. If you have: congrats. I did not work long enough to build up so large an IRA.

Second, I do not believe in “index funds”. If you do, I sincerely hope that is working out for you.

Third, I would never entrust $100,000 of my money in any form to Bank of America. It’s a “big bank”. I do not do business with them, other than credit cards, and frankly few of those. I prefer the smaller financial institutions. And I prefer products with the fewest number of strings and entanglements.

For example, the B of A CC deal I posted above has no annual fee.

Correct. I know what I’m doing. When you have done this stuff with success for as long as I have, kindly get in touch. At that point I might have interest in your views.

Shin - you could’ve just stopped with the part about you not having a $100k account available to transfer. Especially the part touting your success - you dont know anyone else’s experience, and in the grand scheme of harvesting cashback you are still a relative novice.

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yeah, depends on individual appetite. 15 years back i would have jumped on $600. Nowadays, I don’t bother with anything laborious unless it is 10x that! Time vs. money tradeoff.

For instance, some quarters I forget to max out discover or chase 5% cashback, esp if it is at gas stations - can’t be bothered with the nuisance.


I don’t even bother to use the Chase or Discover 5% anymore.