Booster Shots: When will you get a booster (3rd) shot of the vaccine?

Ala tech stocks in the late 90’s and housing in the mid-oughts. :smile:

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Not sure about the 4th, but the 3rd booster is showing good effectiveness against O in preventing hospitalization, up to 90% for mRNA based ones.

These findings underscore the importance of receiving recommended COVID-19 booster doses, when eligible, to prevent moderate to severe COVID-19 during Omicron variant predominance.

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I thought “O” itself was already pretty effective at preventing hospitalizations?

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I think that’s largely a function of most people here having already either gotten one of the prior variants or vaccines or both. If you look at Hong Kong where they kept out the virus well until just recently, but at the same time didn’t vaccinate many of their older people, the results are not good.



I can’t say it’s not effective, but compared to what? I could be the poster child for Covid susceptible targets (70+, tobacco smoker for 40+, emphysema, lung surgery, two cancer surgeries, daily drinker (but not to [my] excess), current smoker (only BBQ and brisket), overweight (but less so than before my last Covid bout), military/law enforcement relative and supporter, and fisherman (freshwater/saltwater and canepoler/baitcaster/spinner/flycaster extroadinaire. Oops … almost forgot my biggest Covid comorbidity - incredibly humble. :laughing: Yes, I’m having a very good day. I hope everyone else is, too.


4th boost only provides mild benefits. Big Israeli study.

The study included 1.25 million people age 60 and over in Israel who received their fourth dose between January and March. Israel uses only the Pfizer vaccine.

People who got the fourth dose were half as likely to test positive for COVID-19 four weeks later when compared to people who only had three doses, according to the study. But by the eighth week, the groups were almost equally likely to catch COVID-19, researchers found.

As opposed to the gargantuan benefits of the first three. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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Most (not all) of this booster shot phenomenon is a make money scam from Pfizer, Moderna, and Fauci.

Always follow the money. :wink:

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PFE boosters approved for kids 5-12.



Covid vaccines are perfectly safe and effective, per Big Government.
Covid boosters are perfectly safe and effective, per Big Government.

Is there any experation date on a EUA? Seems like 18 months is a pretty long time, and should be plenty long enough to get approval under the standard process.


whenever the CDC / FDA say so. probably after midterms :wink:

To be fair, the EUA for kid boosters means they’re allowed, but not yet “recommended” by the govt regulators.


kids boosters

  • Pfizer, BioNTech Say Three-Dose Covid-19 Vaccine Generated Strong Immune Response in Children 6 Months to 5 Years – WSJ
  • Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Found 80.3% Efficacy Against Symptomatic Covid-19 in Early Analysis of Data

And what’s the rate of sympomatic covid in unvaccinated children? What about asymptomatic infections (which I assume the study didnt even test for), or hospitalizations (which I assume was not a significant difference since that number is really low anyways)?

Either we want to prevent infections, or we want to prevent complications - “symptomatic infections” seems to be an achievement threshold of no real consequence besides creating a selling point for another EUA…

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Imagine if Trojan’s marketing team came up with …

Wear 3 condoms (at once) and you will be 80% protected from getting a STD.

Do you think Trojan’s sales would triple, or would they have to go into the balloon business?

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Rand Paul calling out Fauci on the boosters-for-kids recommendation. (video testimony)

Today I asked Fauci a simple question: Are there any studies that show a reduction in hospitalization or death for children that take a booster?

His answer: No

Then why is the government recommending it?

They just used antibody studies and those aren’t well correlated with protection. Vaccines aren’t risk free, especially in some of the young adult age groups, many people already had covid anyway, and the risks to younger kids are much lower than for older adults where the benefits are much more clear.


Oh come on, he’s not a doctor, he doesnt know what he’s talking abo… Oh. Okay, then he’s not the right kind of doctor (the kind that agrees with what’s being done). We are obviously far better off listening to random letters written by signed by esteemed medical professionals like candy stripers and community college teaching assistants. No one without that level of training could possibly understand what Fauci’s “no” answer truly means.


Omniron - two doses of the vaccine are worth pretty much zilch these days against infection (but still fairly protective vs worse outcomes). Having a prior non-O infection or 3 doses of vax, nearly always with a recent booster, were about 50% protective, and these were additive in that you got up to 75% with prior exposure and a recent booster.

this protection is what one would expect if previous infection and booster vaccination each acted independently. Because previous infection reduced the risk of infection by 50% and booster vaccination reduced it by 60%, the reduction in the risk of infection for both combined, if they acted fully independently, would be 1−(1−0.5)×(1−0.6)=0.8, which is an 80% reduction, just as observed

all showed strong protection against Covid-19–related hospitalization and death, at an effectiveness of more than 70%. This suggests that any form of previous immunity, whether induced by previous infection or vaccination, is associated with strong and durable protection against Covid-19–related hospitalization and death. Notably, there was no evidence for a difference in severity between BA.1 and BA.2 infections in the study samples.

No notable differences were observed between the effects of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 vaccination.

I kinda suspect the protection they do see vs infection from boosters or more from the fact that they had the boosters recently, moreso than the 3rd dose, but that’s just my hunch.