Booster Shots: When will you get a booster (3rd) shot of the vaccine?

Contrary to the article title, the text says they’re suggesting indefinite yearly boosters. Which is repeated boosters.
And only speculation about what interval.

It would be very difficult in any case to vaccinate the world every 3 months, and would be unreasonable with the currently existing strains. But viruses don’t need to or tend to mutate to less harmful new viruses, that’s not how nature/ evolution works. A worse virus that is as transmissible can arise. We got lucky with omicron not being that worse virus as well as being the most human transmissible virus to have existed. .
At that point, a rapid vax campaign and the only other mitigations available before new vaccines will be required. Whether that’s a variant from covid or something completely different.

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Is yearly speculative?


Except in the case of Omicron. Is that because you think Covid was manufactured by the Chinese govt in Wuhan, and partially funded by 'ol Doc Fauci and his cohorts?

Say it ain’t so, brother bender.

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Repeated targeting a “covid season”, that gives your body down time in between. And, if following the flu strategy, would be targeted to the currently prevailant strain. Not the same shot over and over to keep the antibodies pumping nonstop. It’s pretty disingenuous to reduce it to merely ‘speculation’ about the interval.

Natural evolution follows the notion that the virus requires a living host to survive. So while there can be anomolies along the way, in general they evolve to become less lethal to their hosts. We did not just “get lucky” with omnicrom, and your fear-based comments go against what “the science” is slowly beginning to accept (science always accepted it, “the science” of public opinion is what’s starting to accept it).


No it doesn’t work quite like you lay out. It just needs to kill slower than it infects to out compete

A percent or few mortality rate and similar would not be less likely to outcompete with the amount of infectious such as omicron. A few percent death rate is negligible effect.
There is no evolutionary pressure for a new virus to be harmless vs more harmful when we’re taking about single digit mortality percentages and unprecedented infectiousness. Losing 10% of hosts wouldn’t slow it. We just got extremely lucky. As long as it is infectious enough to infect more than it instantly kills (or more than enough to overcome mitigationmeasures)

Something like ebola that kills rapidly and high percentage is a different story.

The long covid/ autoimmune effects from omicron are still yet to be seen but hopefully not worse than the other variants (which aren’t harmless)


I hope, yet to see ANY report of long Omicron (it’s been a +month, not even a CNN hero )

I’m over it in 3 days (fingers’ crossed cross immune now to Delta, etc and no Omicron reinfection


I’m hoping/praying to see an accurate report of Omicron causing people to get smarter. :slight_smile:


Moderna booster not helping prevent infection with O, just like the other vaccines where breakthrough infections are common.