Booster Shots: When will you get a booster (3rd) shot of the vaccine?

Moderna has their african (beta?) variant shot in trials. It’ll probably come in several months before Pfizer’s, but still towards the end of the year. My wild guess is their multivalent (original + .351 targeted) shot will be favored, and be effective against african variant and be a little better than original for P.1 (Brazillian) variant not forgetting the original.
In any case, if someone gets a shot now, it’ll likely be safe to get a shot of an updated booster when they come out later.

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so 2ANZ, then 1 PFE and we’ll wait for the variants booster till EOY

Depends on your risk tolerance or risk vs reward and outlook on symptomatic infection vs protection against hospitalization.

Look at the design of the clinical studies where biontech/moderna test their boosters. The conditions/interval between shots should be informative. No guarantee, but informative.

I saw Merkel got 1 AZN, then PFE. I haven’t seen any 2 AZN then PFE etc studies.

I guess the UK might do that soon given how delta is spreading there.

In any case my parents are doing 2 AZN then 1st PFE today, will follow studies etc to see when to do 2nd .Reminds me a lot of flu variants and the guess/probability game we play everyyear

pharmacist would’nt let them get PFE since they had AZN already. Will have to try another…

I guess they have been watching CNBC

Worked at another location

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