Booster Shots: When will you get a booster (3rd) shot of the vaccine?

The hospitals are more full of kids with RSV than covid tho.

~3000 hospitalizations of kids for covid from the start thru mid Aug

RSV outbreaks surge unexpected (likely due to masks / distancing and then sudden relaxing of that), and possibly due to waning antibodies to it since no one was getting regularly exposed since we were all hiding out. Individual hospitals were having hundreds of kids for this, so it’s way more than the 3k covid number in total.

“Our ICU (intensive care unit) again became overwhelmed, this time not with Covid, but with another virus,” recalls Rabia Agha, the director of the division of paediatric infectious diseases at Maimonides Children’s Hospital. At the peak of the outbreak, in early April, the majority of children admitted into the ICU were being admitted for RSV.

We were full, every single bed was occupied, and that’s a challenge," Berger recalls of the height of the outbreak in July. His hospital had to transfer sick babies and children with RSV to other hospitals that still had space. Several other Swiss hospitalsexperienced the same.


Not everyone I suppose, but we did ask in all education settings and for all (legal) immigrants. That’s almost everyone.

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You missed part of my point. We were concerned in general, but our concern didn’t go beyond the consideration that unvaccinated kids are out there. We didn’t concern ourselves with INDIVIDUALS. We didn’t advocate that all kids needed to be vaccinated and we didn’t go asking. That is quite different than what the “concerned” are doing right now.

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But we allowed exceptions and no one individually knew who had an exception. So we really had no idea.

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I wonder if we concerned ourselves with INDIVIDUALS when the polio vaccine came out. Or pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, etc.

Yes, we allowed exceptions. But I think the exceptions are rare, so the risk is low.

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I think it’s fair to say that if the covid infection fatality rate for healthy young people approached anything close to those diseases before we had vaccines for them, the acceptance rate for the covid vaccine would be higher. Different times, different medical advances, different diseases.

In today’s world, I’d rather keep my kid out of the nursery for a few months than threaten my fellow citizens’ kids with expulsion from the public schools because of their parents’ nutty beliefs.


Don’t forget different talking heads on the teevee and subversive foreign influence campaigns on the internets.

I think it’s fair to say that a majority of the people protesting the vaccines have not bothered to consider the fatality rate or any other science or statistics. They only consider what they see and hear inside their media bubble, much of which is bull. Not everyone, of course, but probably more than half.

I think it’s dismissive to say that people aren’t considering the fatality rate, science, and statistics. The fatality rate for the young and healthy is extremely low compared to the old and/or sick - and the vaccine rate for the old and/or sick is much higher than the vaccine rate for the young and healthy. Do you think that’s just a coincidence?

At this point, I’m willing to bet a plurality, if not a plurality, a significant proportion of people unwilling to get the vaccine are claiming they have natural immunity due to recovering from prior infection. There are studies and doctors backing up that assertion and Fauci himself hasn’t disputed it. Would they be even more protected with their natural immunity PLUS a vaccine? Yes. But since the people trying to get them to take a vaccine won’t admit they have natural immunity, they aren’t willing to trust those people when they say they should still get the vaccine. That’s not the fault of the unvaccinated.

It’s looking more and more like the efficacy of the vaccine peaks around 3 months after taking it, and its ability to ward off infection significantly wanes at 6 months. But, it’s ability to prevent severe disease even if infected is still very high, even after 6 months. It’s also looking like natural immunity by itself is better at warding off infection long term than the vaccine by itself, and both are nearly equally as effective as preventing severe disease long and short term. The sooner the talking heads on the corporate mainstream teevee admit this and the democrats rescind mask mandates in schools and either rescind vaccine mandates or allow for people with natural immunity to avoid them, the sooner we can get over this whole debacle.


The old & sick could be wiser, more afraid, or were successfully convinced by their loved ones. It’s harder to convince younger people, cause they’re invincible :smile:.

283M people over the age of 12, 210M had at least 1 jab, 42.6M confirmed cases… you could be right.

I actually agree with them. I think any requirement for proof of vaccination should consider a prior positive test or an antibody test instead.


That sounds like a pretty good analogy, except you forgot the part about having to walk 6 blocks through the south side of Chicago to pick up those tickets. Still want to go get them?

What vaccines have your neighbors taken - the ones immediately East of you?

You know full well that is exactly the question that was asked. Your response may have answered a different question, but you posed it as an answer to the question that was asked.

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Hi, nice to meet you. What’s that? You immigrated here from Turbekistan, you say? Well, then I must ask - have you had this, this, and that vaccine? Because I dont want to be around you if you havent."

Seriously, that has always been your introduction to others? I have a very hard time believing that.

You concerned yourself with making decisions you felt necessary to keep your kid safe. You didnt concern yourself with asking others if they have made decisions you feel necessary to keep your kid safe. Because the decisions you made protected her from anyone who potentially did not, to teh extent you found it necessary to do so.

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It is quite dismissive and arrogant to say that a majority of the people protesting have not bothered to consider the fatality rate or any other science. A majority of those people simply understand that the risk to a 80 year old cancer patient with heart problems is not cause for a healthy young person to panic and fear imminent death. And that having recovered from covid leaves you with natural immunity no different than that from the vaccine (the vaccine’s entire purpose is to trick your body to produce the same antibodies as it produces when actually infected). Start using relevant statistics for the majority of people, and the decisions of that majority will not seem so out of line to you.

The primary thing a majority of people dont bother to consider is that they arent as healthy as they like to think (and they have gotten older than they want to accept). We can thank the whole crusade against ‘body shaming’, et al, for that. A lot of people simply are not ‘beautiful just the way they are’.

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Smart money is betting the FDA will deny boosters today based on available evidence. We’ll find out soon enough.


Earlier today the White House was again pressuring the FDA decision makers by putting out yet another press release about how “ready” they were start boosters on Monday regardless of what the science said.

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Last I checked, one could not legally immigrate into the US without all the required vaccines and health checks. You and I don’t have to ask, because the good people at the respective embassies and the INS (or whatever it is now) have already taken care of it.

So you didnt ask? Because you specifically stated that you did ask, in schools and for immigrants.

Regardless, just swap in schools for immigrants. On open house/meet the teacher night, you have always went around the classroom asking each parent about their and their child’s vaccines? And then requested your child be transfered to another class if you didnt hear all the right answers? Because there is not a single vaccine that is “required” for school that does not have an exception that can be requested. So dont even try to pull any “well they had to to get into school so I didnt have to ask” stuff again.

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When I wrote “we did ask”, I didn’t mean myself personally, I meant “we” as a society. There are rules for being at certain places, like schools. I personally don’t need to ask, because the school administrator already asked. I personally don’t need to ask an immigrant, because the INS already asked.

Perhaps in other states. I live in CA, which only allows medical exemptions (since 2016).

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So you pulled a Bendr3, and answered a question you knew full well was not being asked.

Exemptions are exemptions, and any child you come in contact with could be one of those exemptions.

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This was the question:

And the answer is that I don’t need to ask and I have a pretty good idea what vaccines my fellow citizens have received, because if they went to school or immigrated to the US, they probably have all the required vaccines. This covers most people. I personally don’t need to know each individual’s status, because I know the group status is good enough.

Could be. But a very small percentage. And we’re OK with a very small percentage, because that’s still fine for herd immunity.

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