CD Discussion Thread

They don’t. Which is why they lock in a rate that gives them sufficient cash flow. As opposed to earning less than they need [in a liquid account] while waiting for a potentially better rate, and risk rate trends reversing.

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NASA Federal Credit Union has three new specials (the 9-month CD offering is okay):

9-month CD at 2.00% APY
15-month CD at 2.50% APY
49-month CD at 3.00% APY

10K minimum deposit.


Does anyone have an account at DOCFCU and know the exact details of their “relationship rewards” program? It’s not on their site or google…

Also their 6mo (6-11) CD is 2.20% right now, more with the relationship rewards bonus, more with at least $25K:

I’m thinking 2.5% fixed for 6-mo is close to break-even with the best savings account over the same period, so this isn’t for me, but this could get better in the near future.

Bellco Smart Move CD just jumped to 1.65% APY.

3.64% APY on a five year CD

Anyone may join this CU. You need at least $500 to open account.


Even though the APY is high, this CD has a gargantuan early withdrawal penalty!! 600 days!!

Do not invest thinking you will be able to get out easily if rates escalate.