Class Action Lawsuit Settlements

Over the past several years I have been able to sign up to various class action lawsuit settlements. The sites below maintain some good lists.Many of these settlements do not require documentation. I have personally been able to make a few thousand in claims that I was eligible for. Chances are good that many of these lawsuits involve many members of this community.

I use this site:

Wow thanks I purchased Bertoli Olive oil every few months. Never heard of the class action suit till now

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I got a $10 check from the PS3 “Other OS” settlement.


Just received $9.55 from JNJ Aveeno settlement. It’s funny to win a class action suit against a company I own.

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Could you send me some free bottles of moisturizer?

I’m still waiting on that one.

Settlements currently available:

Kona Beer ($10)

CVS Pharmacy ($5.50)


I got another $3.02 representing my share of the remaining Settlement. Dunno where the “extra” money came from. I’ll take it but it’s a far cry from the $65 maximum.

FYI: a relative received a check for carnival cruise robocall class action. It was around $200! I was quite surprised at the amount.

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Received $32.23 from Instaflex Glucosamine settlement.


Today received two settlements:

$1.46 from Purex

$91.19 from Zicam


I received $83.33 from Zicam. Much more than I expected.


Congrats to both of you on the Zicam settlement. I only got 24 bucks, but it was much more than I expected.


Received $16.20 from Ferrara Candy Settlement.


Today received $44.52 from Lenova Adware Settlement.


Received a 10% off code from Zappos settlement. Apparently security breaches aren’t worth much compensation these days.


No, they just want a chance to leak the details of everyone who was missed the first time.

I wonder if this is an indication of the store’s financial viability? I cant imagine that even the laziest attorneys would just agree to such a pathetic restitution, or that the most ignorant judge would approve the terms as being a fair deal. Unless any significant cash outlay would push the company into bankruptcy.

Zappos is owned by Amazon (and has been for almost a decade, well before the breach occurred), so I would think not.

I agree it’s absurd, but considering the minuscule settlements from other breaches, it’s not completely out of line or surprising.

There’s still time to object to or opt out of the settlement. I doubt either are worth the effort, but it may be fun nonetheless. I’m certainly not going to use the discount code.

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