Class Action Lawsuit Settlements

Yep, apparently Washingtonians that were overcharged for chicken don’t get any love with this one.

There’s probably still time, maybe your AG didn’t know about it? Or maybe there’s a separate case for other states? :slight_smile:

I was a resident in the past during the relevant time, I applied. We’ll see if it sticks.

I waited a full 11/12s of day, but can’t wait any longer …

Chicken Lickin is Lickin Chicken. It used to be on video somewhere, but I no longer see it.

I got mine a couple of days ago.

I didn’t get anything, just canned replies when I responed to my claim confirmation.

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Received $13.99 from Experian settlement. It says it’s a “supplemental” check. I received $20.93 from the same Experian settlement last November.

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