Class Action Lawsuit Settlements

Lawdy, Miss Clawdy … he’s become a socialist/progressive/communist/democrat.

I complained (which I rarely do :innocent:) at some point about not willing to commit fraud in order to join Nextdoor. Someone then commented that’s it’s become uh, er, less that what it was when it started. IIRC, the implication was that it was a bunch of ads.

Hey, I’m just try’n to follow the rules I’ve been told… :wink:

But yes, I was mostly referring to the notion of nicknames. Such submission forms rarely ask specifically for a full legal name, so anything that represents “you” is acceptable.

Living high on the hog … $1.50 from UTZ. What does that get you today … a Biden '24 pin? :rofl:

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You must eat too healthy. I got just under $4.


Received $3.72 from UTZ.

$23.29 from lending club settlement.

Watch out McD’s! Gonna get the large :rofl:

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coffee fans take note

You are a member of the Class if you purchased K Cup® single serving coffee pods labeled as recyclable in the United States for personal, family or household purposes during the time period from June 8, 2016, through August 8, 2022.


Just got an email and text message from the law firm Keller Postman about a settlement in the coinbase hidden fee class action. I can’t remember if that is who I signed up with. A couple people on reddit say its legit. Anyone else here get it?

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A family member received a TD Ameritrade settlement check for $0.01.

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I and a few family members got checks around $50-$100 from TDA. I forget what this was for, but I trade a lot more than average.

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Received the second optical drive payment.


Received $35.97 from Plaid, Inc. Privacy Litigation Settlement.

This is a company sued for passing on personal banking data to third party firms without user consent.



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