Class Action Lawsuit Settlements


Optical disk drive payment on its way… $24.22.


Wow, lucky you. I got $7.61 from the disk drive payment coming my way.

Received the optical drive payment. Options are (all electronic): Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and Mastercard.


Optical drive. $11.42 for me.


~$15 for me on the optical drive settlement.



I wonder if facebook will get access to the claim details. I’ve never given them any PII, but the claim form needs it. It could be worth more to them than the miserly settlement amount ($90M).

I’d think all that would matter is your info match what you put on your FB account. As long as that info allows your payment to get to you.

90M isn’t much. But given their user base in 2010(!), I could see an even lower rate of participants than the pretty low rate that is normal.

Probably ~700M users, not sure how many of them in US. I believe only the email address is needed to match the account. The question is whether FB can get their hands on everything else provided on the form… and how much your privacy is worth.

You missed the point - you already had to enter some sort of a name for your Facebook account. As long as the fake info doesn’t interfere with your physically receiving the payment, use the name/fake info used on the account.

Well, firstly I won’t be able to cash a check in my fake name (though it may work if it’s an electronic payment or a gift card that appear to have become popular lately), and secondly I don’t want to give facebook an address.

There are lots of other payment options to select, most of which only require an email address for delivery.

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Optical Disk Drive Products Antitrust Litigation - received $91 in Amazon gift card


Mondelez Breakfast Biscuits: $9.47. Came as a MC prepaid card.

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Got a whopping $3.82 for those biscuits in Paypal.

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