Consecutive reply limit

I’ve been trying to update the coronavirus thread and recently got an error that the site wouldn’t let me reply if the last 2 replies were both mine, ie a 3rd reply isn’t allowed until someone else replies ( or if I wanted, I could edit the text into one of the prior posts).

I think I’d rather keep each post there on its own specific thing, and make a new reply for a somewhat new area or article being discussed. Can we increase that site limit to 3-5 or something?

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This is an automatically-generated Wiki post for this new topic. Any member can edit this post and use it as a summary of the topic’s highlights.

Sorry you are encountering difficulty. I usually just ignore those warnings. In this case I will go over to the thread and post some stuff. Hope this helps.

I thought I wasn’t allowed to post it, but maybe I misread the warning.