Consecutive reply limit

I’ve been trying to update the coronavirus thread and recently got an error that the site wouldn’t let me reply if the last 2 replies were both mine, ie a 3rd reply isn’t allowed until someone else replies ( or if I wanted, I could edit the text into one of the prior posts).

I think I’d rather keep each post there on its own specific thing, and make a new reply for a somewhat new area or article being discussed. Can we increase that site limit to 3-5 or something?


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Sorry you are encountering difficulty. I usually just ignore those warnings. In this case I will go over to the thread and post some stuff. Hope this helps.

I thought I wasn’t allowed to post it, but maybe I misread the warning.

Well, after another reminder from a friendly member that I can sidestep the 3 post limit, I tried it, resulting in abject failure. Here was the advice provided:
“What you do when the warning screen comes up is to click on the “X” in the upper right of that warning. Poof! The warning goes away and you post to your heart’s content. Have fun”

I don’t have an “X” in the upper right corner of that warning. I’ve even moused over and clicked blindly in case it was invisible, without luck. I’ve also tried tapping the Escape key to no avail.

Any other suggestions, other than upgrading/changing browsers are welcome.

If it helps anyone to aid in diagnosis / treatment, here is a screenshot. Thanks.

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Sorry for having misled you. I have never seen the very draconian screen you posted. I get a different warning.

Really have no idea why you are being discriminated against.

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Hmm … I’m a conservative, so I’m not in a minority … I have gray hair, so that’s it. Age discrimination.

Maybe see a specialist?

(Word choice? :slight_smile: )


I’m guessing you are talking about the “warning” about replying to the same person 3 times (or something along those lines). Not the warning for 3 consecutive posts.

The 3 consecutive posts hard-stop is a thing, I’ve ran into it as well. Anyone else could as well - just reply to this thread once, then a second time, then a third time, and you will be denied a fourth post.


Never one to ignore a challenge … post the first

Post the second …

Post the third …

no-go on the fourth. On to the next challenge.


Yes. I think you’re correct. I was confusing the two, one with the other. Not the same thing I guess.

More covid news when someone else bumps that thread :slight_smile:

Edit: done, thanks @Argyll

Someone want to post in the stocks thread?



Again pls

Again please

Late, but done. It appears that you only have one consecutive post, though.

Glitch got there first, but thanks (had 3 before this most recent one).