Does the coronavirus merit investment, or personal, concern or consideration?

And that the Chinese government covered up the lab leak earlier than 2020 …

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Great! They are already incredibly hard to find/buy.

Stock up folks if you find them.

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I have both N95 and KN95 masks . . . . actually prefer the latter. They are easier to wear and fit. You need skills to fit an N95 mask properly. I do not possess those skills.

I always wear a good surgical mask over my KN95 as a sort of “prefilter”. Figure if double masking is good enough for Dr. Fauci, it is good enough for me. :grinning:

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3M multi-packs are available on Amazon, both with and without a vent. Vent makes it easier to breathe and infect everyone around you – wear a surgical mask on top of it. It’s not necessary on top of a regular (unvented) N95 if it’s fitted properly. And if it’s not fitted properly you might as well not wear it at all :smile:.


No more records for the Biden admin? I guess they didn’t like all that credit for leadership and told the media to cut it out.

The Associated Press has recently told its editors and reporters to avoid emphasizing case counts in stories about the disease. That means, for example, no more stories focused solely on a particular country or state setting a one-day record for number of cases

USA number 1! Oh, wait. Also, now what will they say about FL?


If you want to go the full Dustin Hoffman, here. Just remember not to unseal the filter until you need it, because the clock starts ticking once it’s opened.

And their excuse?

Yet these counts only reflect what is reported by health authorities. They do not include most people who test themselves at home, or are infected without even knowing about it. Holidays and weekends also lead to lags in reported cases.

And exactly how is this any different from over a year ago, when all we heard were case counts, body counts, mask counts, etc.?


Robert Malone gets the Streisand effect treatment following his ban on Twitter and subsequent appearance on Joe Rogan. Read more here about how annoyed the MSM censors are and a summary of the topics he discussed on the show.

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed a mandate to limit chicken noodle soup was recommended by the CDC. “As in the case of Ivermectin, a known horse de-wormer, many people were attempting to self-medicate with a hot bowl of soup. This is giving people a false sense of security and leading to violent overdoses in which belching and nausea occurred,” she clarified.

Racist Fox News reporter, Peter Doocy, then asked if clam chowder was being pushed as an alternative to chicken noodle because Dr. Fauci had investments in the clamming industry. “The American people want to know if the government is being influenced by Big Clam,” he added.


…otherwise known as the inventor of the mRNA technology. Yes, he clearly has no clue what he’s talking about, and those nurse practitioners and lab assistants who signed that demand letter are obviously more qualified to dictate what should be ignored as “misinformation”.


The old self-isolation rules make little sense for a virus that has the severity of the common cold in most cases

I expect this author to be fired any day now.

Operation Snail Speed. Biden admin months behind on ordering lifesaving tests, drugs, therapies, while spending 99% of the $2T covid relief bill on misc pork and state bailouts targeted towards their favorites.

the stated purpose of Democrats’ $1.9 trillion spending bill last March was Covid relief. Yet less than 1% of the spending was allocated for therapies. About as much money was given last year to New York’s financially ailing transit system as the Administration spent procuring Covid therapies. The result: A persistent treatment shortage and countless preventable deaths.

Had the Administration ordered more treatments sooner, more would have been available this winter. The Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed accelerated vaccine development and production by placing advance orders so a supply would be available as soon as the FDA approved a vaccine. President Biden could have done the same for treatments but didn’t.

Instead, the Administration has focused relentlessly on masking, testing and vaccines with therapies as a fourth priority. The focus has been on preventing infection, rather than treating it.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra oversees therapy procurement, but he’s been missing in action. He didn’t even appear at a Senate hearing Tuesday with officials Anthony Fauci, Janet Woodcock and Rochelle Walensky. Then again, he has no health-care expertise and his only apparent credential for the job was suing the Trump Administration as California Attorney General.


the Feds are buying 1B covid tests and you’ll be able to sign up to have them sent by mail.

Of course the way their last website project went (Obamacare exchange) it might be months before the site is up, but nominally it might be up in the next week or so. Then you’re looking at an expected 1-2 week delay from ordering until you get them in the mail (barring further mailing delays, which have been common lately at least in my area).

In short, I expect this to be a big waste and almost no one will get them in time to be useful, especially at the rate everyone is getting O these days (1M/day reported, probably many times that unreported).


Really? I’m expecting at least a couple month’s delay for “order processing”, between the point of being able to place the order and the point where it is actually shipped. I cant read the article, but are they anywhere close to having any tests to ship? It’s going to be…difficult… to fulfill a hundred million orders when you’re receiving the tests a few thousand at a time.


U.S. grocery shortages deepen as pandemic dries supplies

I shopped for groceries both yesterday and earlier today. Was able to find (almost) everything I wanted to buy. The prices, of course, were quite high. You just have to ignore that and try to make enough money on the side (for me, my side hustle) to finance your purchases at the new, higher, prices.

How people of limited means are getting along I have no clue and my heart goes out to them. It has to be a very tough slough.

U.S. grocery shortages deepen as pandemic dries supplies

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Congratulations! Our weathermen, who must own stock in grocery stores and Valium, have been salivating about a “wintry mix” that may hit us on Sunday.

My wife was unable to do her weekly shop on Thursday, and fully expected what she found on Friday morning - crowds, chaos, and generally empty shelves. The ground meat that was on sale (and limited to 4 lbs/customer) was completely gone, along with most staples. She was able to find broccoli. :frowning: They never sell out of the healthy stuff.

Also Harris Teeter (a local chain owned by Kroger) sent out a notice that they won’t have Friday specials this week because of supplier constraints.

Under Biden, the pandemic will be over by Feb. No one will have to die of covid again.

The following changes were made to hospital reporting data elements:

New Data Elements Added:

o 4c: Pediatric inpatient bed Occupancy (Required February 2, 2022)
o 5c: Pediatric ICU beds (Required February 2, 2022)
o 6c: Pediatric ICU occupancy (Required February 2, 2022)
o 12c: Hospitalized ICU pediatric laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patients (Required February 2, 2022)

Data Elements Made Inactive for the Federal Data Collection

o 16: Previous Day’s COVID-19 Deaths
o 37:PreviousDay’sInfluenzaDeaths
o 38: Previous Day’s Deaths Co-infected with Influenza and COVID-19
o 36: Hospitalized Co-infection Influenza and COVID-19
o 23: Critical Staffing Shortage Today

policy makers should retire previous public health categorizations, including deaths from pneumonia and influenza or pneumonia, influenza, and COVID-19, and focus on a new category: the aggregate risk of all respiratory virus infections.

Drs Emanuel, Osterholm, and Gounder were members of the Biden-Harris Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board

As you can see by how they’re manipulating federal data collection,

  • ICU capacity for kids and kids hospitalized with covid is a priority = “vax the kids, dammit”
  • don’t tell us about flu deaths vs covid deaths. Combine them so we can’t tell the difference, or how bad things will go under the O surge when those deaths start showing up in a few more weeks.

“It’s just the flu, bro, and also, it’s definitely not my fault”


Isnt this just the same, previously denounced as outrageous, “stop testing, and it’ll go away” concept, only with an extrodinary amount of lipstick being applied?


I got the email from my HR lady on Thursday that our insurance company is now offering “free” covid tests by mail through their app. I immediately got on and ordered 1 for every member of the family (maximum you could order). It said I should get them in 1-2 business days and I will get an email when they are shipped. Just got the email today (Saturday) they were shipped (exactly 48 hours between order email and shipped email - to the minute). So hopefully that means I’ll get them by Wednesday (assuming they sit still on Sunday & Monday because of MLK day).

I say hopefully because I literally started feeling crappy a few hours after ordering the tests on Thursday. Didn’t feel any better on Friday, so late Friday night I took a home test my wife bought off Amazon a couple weeks back. Positive. Went to order more of those tests and the ship date from Amazon is now 1-3 weeks. The first in-person test I could schedule at a drug store is for this coming Thursday. Right now I’m just experiencing cold symptoms. I’m mostly hoping my wife doesn’t get it and get sicker than me because I suck at doing all the things for the kids that she does. And of course, I feel bad that we’ll probably have to keep my 5 year old out of pre-school most of next week.


Thanks :pray: meed18.

I’m thinking “stay home” and keep away from people! At this point I’m not inviting anyone over. Luckily family all staying away. :blush:

But I need to fill up the car with gasoline almost empty. Need a few things at the grocery store. So masking up and hopefully a quick run.

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