Free annual report from EWS

As with the four major CRAs, and with ChexSystems as well, EWS is obligated to provide us consumers with a free report each year. I am WAY behind on this and will only today be requesting my very first EWS report. Given my “unconventional” spending shenanigans, this is a major oversight.

Anyhow, since I’m into this EWS thing now I thought I would share on chance others of you might also have need of your annual EWS report. Here is where you can get started:

Link for your free EWS report

You might need to scroll up after clicking the link.

Good luck to all. I hate all these GD reports, but at the same time I do not want to be in the dark about what personal data they might contain. Goodness knows the banks and credit unions are checking this stuff, so I had better be doing the same thing. The way these FIs share with one another today there is “nowhere to run and nowhere to hide”. Only thing you can do is to dispute your report.

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Just a minor addendum here as I had this question and you might have the same question:

When completing the EWS Consumer Information and Certification Form you may leave blank all of the section entitled “Account Information” and also the section entitled “Business Entity/Principal Information”.

This assuming you (like myself) are merely seeking a copy of your entire EWS report. I needed to telephone them on this and the above is what I was told by the EWS representative.

The essence of EWS for me is merely to learn what information about me, if any, the financial institutions are sharing among themselves.

My inquiring mind wants to know!:laughing:

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Uhm… repost? Free consumer Reports - Experian Equifax Transunion Early Warning etc

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No doubt about it. Congrats. With your memory you qualify to be a circus elephant. :rofl:

That earlier post is fifteen months old!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We have wikis and we don’t have archiving. There’s no problem with bringing up old threads.

Heads up for folks, there’s no annual limit on these consumer reports. Both EWS and Chex allow basically unlimited reports.

I request mine from both every 3-6 months as I tend to churn bank bonuses. Never had an issue :slight_smile:


Much appreciate your having taken time to post this. Thank you! I had no idea and I was wrongly thinking “only one report allowed per year”.

I agree with you that some of us need to request this report much more often than others. I have only just this past week requested my first one!

Behind the curve? Yup, that’s me. But I hope better late than never.:wink:

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So what did you learn from your EWS report? There’s a comment on DoC suggesting that some banks (Discover) report every ACH transaction.

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Appreciate your post. It caused me to go back and take another look at my EWS report:

Executive summary

Either I’m not really qualified to evaluate my EWS report or else it is rather a goose egg.

Further comment

I do business with a great many financial institutions. In some instances matters are quiet or nearly dormant. In other instances, quite a few, business is extremely active and ongoing.

The EWS report contains many entries from financial institutions where things are mostly quiet. It contains virtually no entries from financial institutions which are focus points of my financial activity. Hence, my initial reaction upon receiving the report beginning of December was: Ho Hum.

For example, I move tens of thousands of dollars via ACH routinely, more than that actually on a constant, ongoing basis. EWS reports a single ACH funds movement of $1.00, I swear to God I’m not making that up, as reported by Citizens Bank. Crazy

Later in the EWS report it has a category headed as follows:

The following section refers to inquiries made as a result of your opening or attempting to open a bank account. The number of these inquiries may adversely affect your consumer report.

Naturally that got my attention. But listed in that category are just several inquiries from a bank where, despite having accounts, I do very little ongoing business. None of the “big dogs” in my financial life are mentioned at all.

Anyway, like I already said, perhaps I’m missing something. But otherwise my EWS report is just a big nothing burger.:grinning:

Oops, I very nearly forgot:

The last page of my EWS report has a category entitled:

The following entities have accessed information about you in the last twelve months . . . . .

Only two “entities” are listed there, neither of which is in the least important to my financial dealings . . . or welfare. So who cares!