Free consumer Reports - Experian Equifax Transunion Early Warning etc

With the recent Equifax data breach, it’s more important than ever to regularly check your credit and banking consumer reports , and there’s no need to pay a monthly fee for a credit monitoring service when they are all available for free

Major CREDIT/BANKING reports:

Free credit monitoring:

  • - a part of Experian, provides Experian report and FICO Score 8. An updated report and score can be pulled as often as every 30 days.

  • - free weekly TransUnion and Equifax reports with Vantage Score 3.0 for each.

  • - free for everyone from Capital One. Uses the same login for existing Capital One customers. Provides a full TransUnion report and VantageScore 3.0. An update can be pulled as often as once a week.

  • - free TU credit report daily.

Free locking / unlocking: (Locking vs Freezing according to TransUnion)

  • TrueIdentity from TransUnion.
  • Lock and Alert from Equifax
  • Experian offers it for free as well; however cannot find the link, someone please add

If you need to freeze your credit, there’s a great tutorial with all of the necessary information to initiate a credit freeze at

Kind of a pain to have to unfreeze if you’re gearing up for an AOR, but it might be a necessary evil given the current state of affairs.

I’m gonna try testing the wiki feature of the first post by adding the links I maintained in the QS of the FICO thread.

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The table below is organized as follows: non-banks at the top, followed by banks, in alphabetical order. Links only provided if a banking relationship is not required to obtain reports and scores.

Provider CRA, Score Type Frequency, Notes EX, EQ, TU reports Annual. EQ and TU reports and VantageScore 3.0 Weekly scores, monthly reports; email alerts. EX report and FICO Score 8 Monthly; email alerts. ? report and score ?
Alliant Credit Union EX VantageScore 3.0 Quarterly.
Amex EX FICO Score 8 Monthly.
Barclaycard TU FICO Score 8 Every two months.
CapitalOne TU report and VantageScore 3.0 Weekly; email alerts. You don’t have to be a customer.
Citicards EQ FICO Bankcard Score 8 Monthly.
Discover TU FICO Score 8 Monthly, includes some report details. You don’t have to be a customer.
NFCU EQ FICO Score 9 Every two months.
USAA EX report and VantageScore Monthly score, annual report.

Note: If you don’t already have an existing relationship with the provider and have your credit frozen, you will need to temporarily thaw to allow them first access. This generally applies to their first access only.

1 Like to get your free, full reports from each agency once every 12 months. I believe you can get them all at once or space them throughout the year.

Good thread, argyll! May I suggest we make this into a wiki? It would also be useful to note whether a financial institution only provides it for existing relationships, or will do it for anyone? Also which bureau is used, and whether or not the report and/or score is provided. If score, which one.

For example, Discover provides FICO Score 8 from Transunion to anyone. You don’t have to be a customer. does give you your report once a year for each bureau, but not your score. Still, good idea to set up reminders in calendar every four months to get one of Transunion, Experian, or Equifax. has a reputation of being a scam, tricking people who were looking for But that site is actually now owned by Experian and is a legit way to get your Experian report and FICO Score 8 from Experian for free (just avoid the temptations to “upgrade” your membership).

I find Credit Karma very useful and check it once a week.

If you have your credit frozen (as everyone should unless they are actively seeking credit), you will have to temporarily thaw to allow one of these places access to your report. But that only needs to be done when you initially sign up, not ongoing. Also, they will do a soft pull so it does not affect your credit.

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Thanks for posting this, but it’s not a duplicate. The only item the lists have in common is Credit Karma.

I wanted to point out that people with accounts at Alliant, Amex, Barclays, USAA, and NFCU can get a quick, general idea of their credit status without having to register somewhere else.

Also, Mint is available for anyone.

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Even if a duplicate , I don’t think we had the ResponseBot editable post in my old thread , so feel free to use this one if my old one was not editable by everyone

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Except for the Mint score, the original post specifies which is which, but thanks for repeating some of it.

“Don’t know which Alliant and USAA provide.”

“2. Alliant Credit Union provides a quarterly Experian Vantage score…
…5. USAA provides members a free monthly Experian VantageScore and a yearly Experian credit report.”

“I’ll have to check my NAVY account and see which one it is.”

“6. NFCU provides an Equifax FICO score every two months.”

If you need more precision it’s a FICO® Score 9 based on Equifax data.

FICO has about fifty different credit scores. All of them are “real,” but it is unlikely you will know which one a specific lender uses. Those provided by credit card sites to their users are often not the scores they use in lending, and even scores you receive directly from the credit bureaus may not be the ones your lenders use.

This is why I stated Amex, Barclays, and NFCU provide “a” FICO score, and, in this case, each one of them from a different credit bureau.

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DCU offers members a free credit score, updated monthly.

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Fair enough. I merged the info from my post into the wiki post along with argyll’s updated into. It didn’t appear that the first post was editable; the responsebot one is though.

Re Credit Karma … yes, it is a different scoring model (VantageScore 3.0), which is not FICO. From the perspective of my one data point, it is +/- about 10 points from FICO. The rough approximation is sufficient for my purposes. But it is the data from Transunion and Equifax that is available via Karma that I am looking at mostly. Easy to see any new inquiries, accounts, and AAoA, and its updated once a week.


Changed the wiki into an easier to read table. Added missing information. Moved thread to Finance.


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Are you sure about the bolded part? Or did you confuse them with CapOne?

They should be reporting whatever is in your report. Are you saying you have a credit line that is reported by both EQ and TU, but not when viewed through CK?

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