Free credit reports

In the wake of the pandemic, you are now able to obtain your free credit reports on a weekly basis from the three major providers:

Offer is good through next April


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I would further add that if you have an account with Experian, it may be difficult to get a separate account for, which not only gives you the full Experian report, but also the FICO 08 score every 30 days (all free). If this is true, I would avoid creating an account directly with Experian.

Are you asking or confirming?

I have second-hand knowledge of someone who had an account on and was not able to sign up for because the two sites somehow share the account – after he tried to log on to freecreditscore, it took him to the same old experian portal without the free credit score. And when he tried to “sign up”, it said he already had an account.

Updating now the OP:

Innovis was not included so I telephoned them. You are permitted to obtain, gratis, your Innovis credit report as often as you would like. There is no one week interval limitation as with the “big three”. If you wish to see your Innovis report, they will provide it to you at any time . . for free.

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