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On EV topic, I’m having a painful time selecting an economical replacement for my recently totalled PHEV :(. Negative $6k total cost of ownership over the 18months since I bought it new, though…

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Ouch! Hope you’re okay. Totaled after 18 months generally means more than just airbag deployment.

The engine/ motor compartment was a little… compressed. I didn’t ask for/ get the appraiser’s estimate with the total. The wheels looked fine though.

Also the airbags, but yeah those are minor in $30k scheme of things.

The vehicle is low volume (Honda Clarity Touring,there were 20k+ Clarity sold in US in 2018 but only 3k this past year…), built in Japan and highly subsidized by Honda. So, aside from actual damage the parts can have lead time and no aftermarket parts. OTD cost was $28400-$7500 fed credit = $20,900 when I purchased. Insurance ACV was $30k 2 weeks ago…

If in CA, the vehicle is a steal (honda $7k incentive only in ZEV states, plus local rebates… works out to around $20k net cost after fed rebate for a very nice vehicle. There’s people trading in every year for a small profit), but I’m not in CA so… I’m unlikely to find another unicorn deal on another of the same vehicle in another state.

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Well, that takes the whole “buy it back from the insurance company and fix it yourself” idea. :frowning:

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You could part it out, it was like brand new and all the parts are expensive, and only the front was damaged. I dunno the salvage value. But yeah, fixing would cost more… that’s why it was totaled.

Working against salvage value is you also don’t get TTL if you buy it. So it costs salvage + TTL. Plus store it. TTL was around $2k, oddly they didn’t send me the salvage/ keep amount but I didn’t ask ;). I am curious what the salvage valuation was, probably only $2.5k.

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2020 benchmarks, total return YTD.

BTC +304% bitcoin
QQQ +49% tech stocks
GLD +24% gold
IWM +20% smallcaps
SPY +18% large caps
EEM +18% emerging markets
EFA +8% foreign stocks
BND +8% bonds
JNK +5% junk bonds
USD 0% cash

Everyone’s a winner, and the crypto bulls are off to a great start for 2021 as well. Cash however, is getting printed like crazy and won’t be paying anything for the foreseeable future.


:frowning: personally only +29% in taxable+ira.

And probably flat in my 403b (~1/3 of liquid assets).

Here I’m standing like a chump with some cash for SHTF, meanwhile PEs keep advancing towards 100.


This is an EOY investor recap with a Canadian perspective. It was worth reading both for the virus and market commentary.

He touched on many aspects of covid policy and the political response and future market implications.


GMO it’s a big bubble. History for those who don’t want to hear it.


Tangentially relevant… replaced a totaled vehicle.
Went with a KIA niro EV over a model Y.
Y starts at $50k+TTL, I paid net of $27k for the Niro EV

Not directly equivalent, of course, ~6.5s vs 4.8s 0-60 and 240mi vs 325mi range.


Bubble going to inflate more?


Short vol / VXX on this political noise from today. Betting it goes nowhere, and fairly soon I would expect.

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$2T in extra money printing about to get pitched tonight. Tune in to what Biden wants to spend it on and make sure you and/or your investments are in line. $2000 for everyone and lots more vaccines (gee, was that not the plan?).


Anything left with PEs that aren’t astronomical?

Someone tell me why T is so terrible? Did they write down their TV streaming business yet?

Still have $150k cash burning a hole in my pocket. (And another $100k that can’t buy individual stocks, only certain funds).

I spent $25k two months ago (That’s up 20% as of today…)

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I sold my last few shares this morning (they were in semi capital equipment). I can’t figure out how the markets keep going up other than there is too much money available without anywhere to go except stocks.
So, at this point just waiting to see if there is a correction to find a new entry point.
Do you see anything reasonably priced?

T looks low (relatively), unsure if there’s a big reason though…

Edit:I think the big divi means stock, covered calls or short puts – no calls.


Additionally, any thoughts on:

Is AAPL getting reasonable again? I think it’s still higher than the last time I sold, but only a couple percent, and it’s ~4 months later. (I need to go look it up).

How much of the $2000 checks will go to Iphones?
Will Apple car hype boost it?

What about:

Jan 21’22 $100 leaps were ~$36. $6 time value +~$4 div to borrow $100 for a year, with a little downside protection.

Or Jan '23 $90 leaps for $48. $16 to borrow $90 for 2 years.