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Anything new these days, Xerty?

2021 Q2, total returns, belated update.

ticker type 2021 Q2
QQQ tech +9%
SPY large caps +7%
EFA foreign (developed) +5%
IWM small caps +3%
EEM foreign (emerging) +3%
BND bonds +2%
JNK junk bonds +2%
GLD gold +2%
USD cash +0%
BTC bitcoin -41%

Live by the bits, die by the bits. All non-crypto assets had a moderately good quarter. These were a pretty low hurdle to beat with active trading and I’m happy to have done so :slight_smile: .

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Bumper for @xerty.

BNTX sold about 2/3 this week at around $250, up from $150ish average about a year ago. I think covid fear / sentiment is a bit too high currently so I’m taking some profits.

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Is there any correlation between Bezos stepping down as CEO of Amazon, and him being shot into outer space on a rocket? It’s probably [mostly] coincidence, but it does appear to function as a move to protect/firewall the stock should something go wrong with his flight.


I would have thought it was a hard requirement from the board and that it isn’t a coincidence at all.