IRS falls still further behind with tax return processing

Even as the IRS bails furiously, the tax return dinghy continues to sink. :cry:

To the surprise of no one:

The report contradicts the Biden administration’s repeated claims that it is making significant progress in catching up on the filings.


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Still no record of my snail mailed return sent 3.5 months ago.

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Yeah, I remember when we were discussing all that several months ago.

The article points to perhaps a six month wait for paper filers.

I filed on paper my entire life - no exceptions - up until I filed my 2021 return. Given current circumstances I may never file on paper again. I want the IRS to process my future returns before I croak. :wink:


yeah snail mailed return take forever. I wish they’d at least say received online at rather than cryptic error codes.

My efiled 2020 refund is still pending from Oct 21 :frowning:

My mid-April snail-mailed return has been processed. Incorrectly (in my favor, minus the potential headaches), but that’s for another thread.


wow you were quicker than my efiled return. I hope i’m not being audited

You can’t be. As we’ve been told, there aren’t enough agents. :smile:

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I thought there is an army of 80K agents coming!

Only if you donated to conservative causes. Let that be a lesson. If you donate to socialist causes, do it under your legal name. For conservative causes, you must donate anonymously. Let’s face it, the tax credit isn’t worth much to start with, and it’s actually a negative when factoring in the regulatory and legal hassles that are backed by the federal government.


Another data point for anyone still waiting and hoping their return wasn’t simply lost along the way: mailed paper return in early April - processed this week.


i must really be back of the line. Getting ready to efile my 2021 and still haven’t got back 2020 efiled last Oct .

They did receive it and it says 570 Action pending :frowning:

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You aren’t even in the line. This code means it’s being held for additional review.

You may want to keep trying to call - once you get a live Rep, it may be something minor they can clear while on the phone. Otherwise you are going to be waiting indefinitely.


don’t want to deal with wait/poke the bear if not necessary (for about $600)

Although we did get a letter for my in laws that said to call, so maybe two birds if the agents are allowed to do 2 separate returns

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Looks like the IRS prioritizes current year efiled returns and isn’t behind on processing them.

Data point:
I e-filed my 2021 return on 10/17/2022 and I received my state and federal refund direct deposits on 10/26/2022.


same here. 2021 payment+ state refund within a week. I’ll call them soon re:2020. Is there a “slow” tax season on CSR line? I suspect it has to do with paying my in laws for childcare during pandemic.

Got a 2021 turn in your W2s letter today :frowning:

I accidentally put in my W2+ wifes as my own (even though it has her name on it HRBlock,com asked that as a question and defaults to self???) I will owe another $4K for SS overpayment credit reversal.

My question is should I include a letter with my W2 asking for penalty forgiveness or wait for the $4k+penalty bill 1st?

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Calculate what you owe, and send the payment before worrying about any penalties.

And be careful, it isnt as simple as providing the W2 - you already reported it under your name, so that one also needs to be removed or the money will be included in your taxable income twice.

It’s also probably worth trying a phone call - if you can get through, the rep may be able to manually “fix” the SSN on the W2 you reported and recalculate the return while you’re on the phone. It’s not you omitted the W2, it’s just a technical data entry error. Besides the massive wait times while on hold, that would be by far the easiest resolution.


Since I didn’t omit the W2 but put both W2s under my name, it’s simply the Excess SS credit of $4k should get reversed. I will include a $4k check with W2s, but should I include a letter explaining my goof, just saying the $4k Excess SS credit was a technical data entry error

Really want to avoid calling and waiting. In my experience most of the reps are clueless

Maybe even pay online this Sat. to get 5% back from BOA card?

Right, I know you understand this. But right now they only have “your” income and are asking for your wife’s W2. If you just send it to them, there’s a chance they assume it had been omitted and add it to what you’ve already reported, without realizing it’s duplicated.

When I can get through, I’ve always had good results with the live reps. Most recently I had a calculation error that the rep was able to adjust and recompute my return to net an additional $3k refund. I’m sure there are bad ones, but this seems like a mistake they should be able to fix over the phone. It sure wouldnt hurt to try calling.