IRS falls still further behind with tax return processing

Even as the IRS bails furiously, the tax return dinghy continues to sink. :cry:

To the surprise of no one:

The report contradicts the Biden administrationā€™s repeated claims that it is making significant progress in catching up on the filings.


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Still no record of my snail mailed return sent 3.5 months ago.

Yeah, I remember when we were discussing all that several months ago.

The article points to perhaps a six month wait for paper filers.

I filed on paper my entire life - no exceptions - up until I filed my 2021 return. Given current circumstances I may never file on paper again. I want the IRS to process my future returns before I croak. :wink:


yeah snail mailed return take forever. I wish theyā€™d at least say received online at rather than cryptic error codes.

My efiled 2020 refund is still pending from Oct 21 :frowning: