Is this Discover free credit fraud monitor thing worthwhile?

I have something similar on Credit Karma so is this worthwhile?

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Credit Karma monitors the Equifax and TransUnion credit reports. This service monitors the Experian credit report AND your SSN, as mentioned in the first Frequently Asked Question on the page you linked.

Personally I have not signed up for any “SSN monitoring” service and don’t know if they’re worthwhile to you.

Free reports thread here:


What does this entail, exactly? I am imagining something like “Have I Been Pwned” that trolls the internet/dark web for data dumps that include your SSN.

That’s what it says in the description.

I haven’t signed up because all our SSNs at some point have been pwned, so knowing it’s out there is not really actionable.

I had this until discover nuked my CC a while back. I don’t know the advantages but I can’t see any harm.

Are you sure it’s what you had? Their credit cards come with a different service – TransUnion data and FICO '08 score.

Yes. The link above refers to a service offered to their cardholders.

Went ahead and signed up for it. Will see if it does anything useful.

Any activity that we should be wary of?

It was closed due to tradeline sales / piggybacking. I think there may be some details in our piggybacking thread.